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New KCC ordered to buy milk from farmers at Sh33

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The government on Wednesday announced new milk prices for small-scale farmers.

The Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya directed the New KCC to buy milk from farmers at Sh33 per litre up from Sh25, in a move aimed at boosting dairy farmers’ morale, who have been decrying poor prices.

Farm gate milk prices have dramatically dropped over the last three months due to oversupply, lack of market and cold storage facilities forcing many farmers to pour their milk.

A number of farmers have considered quitting dairy farming due to lack of profits.

While speaking during his first press briefing as the Agriculture minister, Mr Munya said milk prices will soon be reviewed upwards to Sh35 once KCC has the capacity to buy and process more milk.

At the same time, the CS warned local traders against importing cheap milk into the country when local farmers had more than enough to supply.


“It is a big mistake to buy milk from outside the country when local dairy farmers have enough milk. We urge local traders to buy milk from local farmers,” Mr Munya said.

The CS also announced that the government has released Sh230 million to fight the invasive desert locusts.

The destructive migratory insects, which crossed into Kenya on December 28, have so far invaded eight counties where they continue to devour livestock pasture and vegetation.

Mr Munya said the government increased its capacity in manpower, surveillance, fumigation in the frontline counties to ensure that there are no further locust emergencies.