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MaraviPost’s Liabunya Prophesy on Zambian Elections viewed 20,000 times within 4 hours: Numbers Malawi print Media can only dream about

Hakainde Hichilema talks to Journalists. Picture by Joseph Mwenda

The Maravi post yesterday posted a story about a prophesy Prophet Liabunya has made regarding the elections in Zambia and the wellbeing of comrade Mugabe in 2015.

Within the first hour of publication the story was read 10,000 times. Within four hours the story was read directly from our site by over 20,000 people and still counting. By end of day the story had gone viral on social Media reaching thousands and thousands of viewers in Malawi, SADC countries and over 50 countries where Malawians, Zambians and Zimbabweans reside.

The reason I write is to alert both public and private advertisers to embrace technology instead of relying on print Media alone which is mainly the case in Malawi.

Reserve Bank of Malawi had two tenders that were opened in December 2014 that they advertised in our print Media at a hefty price. This is what I suspect happened to the full page ADS they posted. Half of them were used as toilet paper. People that missed the original publication never had a chance to see the Tender. People that use mobile as a source of news never saw that Tender.

Part of development is to embrace technology. The reluctance in Malawi to do so is very discouraging.

There are things our online media has advantages on the old print Media that Malawians so much rely on.

1 – We reach Malawians in every corner of the world, Print Media has a geographical limitation
2 – We reach Malawians in remote Parts of Malawi via our mobile and IPAD Technologies
3 – The same AD can be viewed every day until the advertiser chooses to stop it
4 – No one will use the AD as toilet paper or Wrap Meat from Ndirande Market
5 – We can provide average statistics about who saw your ADS, where they saw the ADS from and whether they were able to follow up or not.
6 – Our Top countries are Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania, US, United Kingdom, Germany, Kenya in no particular order.
7 – We can produce Interactive ADS or animated
8 – Our cost/effect ratio is ten times better than Print Media.
9 – We reach potential Customers of your AD within seconds. Rain or hot days. Weather is not a factor.
10 – We reach people where ever they are and on whatever platform they are ON.

The Maravi Post and all its sister publications including our enhanced social media platforms reach over 100,000 people a day. Daily times and Nation combined can never come close to the reach we have.

So If you are a serious advertiser or in case of Government which by law has to advertise some projects or public awareness Messages reach us or check out our local phone numbers on out contact pages.

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