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Malawi’s Lord Overtone Makuta prophecy on global pandemic comes to pass

Lord Overtone Makuta prophecy on global pandemic comes to pas

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Few months after founder of Headstone Prophetic Ministry International (HPMI) Lord Overtone Makuta, prophesied about a global pandemic that would hit the earth, it has now come to pass from early this year.

According to Lord Overtone’s prophesy which was uploaded on a YouTube channel,

On 28 July 2019 to told a congregation in Tanzania that from January 2020, a many countries will be hugely affected by a deadly disease that has never been seen on the face of the earth before.

No doctor nor any advanced medical care would manage to contain the disease.

founder for Headstone Prophetic Ministry International, said the new disease would
negatively affect the global economy sending the whole world into an economic
nosedive as many companies would close down and all donor dependent Non
Governmental Organisations (NGOs), would stop functioning as there would be no
aid trickling in.

January 2020, things shall start happening on Earth’, sicknesses, locusts, the
world economy shall start going down’ Lord Overtone told the congregation.

since January 2020 the prophesy has come to pass as Corona-virus outbreak has
hugely impacted on big economies including China, the UK and US, Italy with
many European countries sent into a complete closedown and many others
declaring state of national disaster due to the disease.

the moment, corona-virus has killed more than 7,000 people worldwide with more
than 80 percent of the total death toll being from China alone.

In the video clip which is five minutes long, Lord Overtone who is also called the Mighty Angel by his followers, said it will be hard for nations to help each other to deal with the epidemic as each country will be preoccupied with ways of containing the pandemic and will not have time to reach out to others with medical assistance.

“A lot of companies will close down, there will be no country that will help another, I have seen them from January 2020,” he said.

the congregation, the Mighty Angel cautioned Malawi to start preparing ahead of
the outbreak and stressed the point that only those who will look up to the
only true God will be safe and protected from this global pandemic.

a number of African countries have closed their borders as well as suspending
flights to countries that have been hugely impacted by corona-virus.

Monday, neighbouring Tanzania has registered its first Corona-virus case. Currently
Malawi Government has imposed that people arriving from countries with registered
corona-virus cases, should be in a 14-day self-isolation.

On March 1, 2020 Lord Overtone warned of another disease more deadly that corona-virus, saying it will strike before the world contains Corona virus.

an American Cable News Network (CNN) has announced the detection of Bird Flu, a
highly-pathogenic avian influenza pandemic.

Below are the links to the prophesies made by Lord Overtone.

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