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Malawi’s convict Chanthunya was animalistic and so deserves it!


On Friday 4 September, 2020, the High Court sitting in Zomba passed its final determination on one Misozi Chanthunya, who gruesomely murdered his mistress, Linda Gasa, a decade ago. The verdict has come this far, surely, because of the shenanigans of the fugitive Chanthunya and the genuine adjournments of the matter within Malawi’s judicial system.

Chanthunya planned to eliminate Linda’s life when she never bowed down to his idea of aborting a pregnancy she got from him through their short lived relationship. By then Linda, who was 25 year old, was just a student at the Malawi College of Accountancy (MCA), Blantyre Campus. Through that illegal abortion, Chanthunya only wanted to keep his reputation to his wife and the society clean.

But what he swiftly became oblivious of was the fact that removal of unborn life; legally or illegally, is biblically sinful and Linda was well aware of that and other post abortion complications, that is why she never succumbed to the inhumane idea.

Out of love for her man friend, she could accept some abortion inducing pills he gave her but she never dared take them for the very fears of the aftermaths of termination of a pregnancy.

Whilst Linda was delaying the process with hope that Misozi would sober up and accept the situation positively and let life continue, the latter felt time was fast running towards his final betrayal and so it was time to clear the abominable shame off his face.

As he was busy executing his ‘smart’ plans, the law was just lying somewhere nearby salivating for his wickedness. Time too knew pretty well it would be nigh too soon for him to answer for the ‘deed’. There is indeed no secret under the sun! It may take a century, but one day, whatever is in the hole-and-corner will certainly come out of it! Chanthunya managed to run and hide but failed to escape.

When the law finally caught him napping, it pulled him home, the court, and found him with three counts to answer: perjury, hindering the burial of a dead body and murder. It is at this point that Chanthunya woke up from his demon induced slumber and realised that you can deceive all the people all the times, but you cannot cheat some people sometimes!

The court proceedings through witnesses revealed that Linda breathed her last in August, 2010 at Chanthunya’s Mwala Lodge in Mangochi. It was further disclosed that when Chanthunya accomplished his master plan, he, with the help of extra manpower, managed to bury Linda’s body underneath the bathroom in one of the rooms of the lodge. Alas! How he surely forgot the supernaturalness of human blood!

Consequently, the court slapped him with life imprisonment as his penance for his gruesome act. He will spend the rest of his life behind bars. Yes, it is no deniable fact that as entrepreneurial as he was, his imprisonment is a deprivation of his contributions to the development of the country. On the contrary, his killing of Linda meant that she was also prematurely halted from contributing to the development Malawi and Zimbabwe (where she naturally belonged) through professional skills that she was acquiring from MCA. So, Malawi’s development is now losing twice here.

Well, were all factors constant by this day, Linda would be 35 years old; perhaps a wife to some gentleman and a mother too. However, that right to the terminated life and those of the posterity out of her were unconsciously trampled upon by one human turned animalistic being. How miserable!

It is now ten years that Linda kissed the dust unnaturally leaving relations, friends and acquaintances wondering and imagining how her soul was squeezed out of her body!

Gratuitously speaking, the court has consoled Linda’s sympathisers. It may not be a 100 percent consolation, but at least justice has finally run down the rightful course and it has portrayed the real picture of an animal without a spirit in Mr Chanthunya. Continue resting, Linda!

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