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Malawians take note, the Coronavirus does not discriminate by party affiliation


Reports say the lockdown in Wuhan, the Chinese city where
the global coronavirus outbreak began, will be partially lifted on 8 April,
officials say.

Travel restrictions in the rest of Hubei province, where
Wuhan is located, will be lifted from midnight on Tuesday – for residents who
are healthy.

A single new case of the virus was reported in Wuhan on
Tuesday following almost a week of no reported new cases.

Countries around the world have gone into lockdown or
imposed severe curbs. Meantime Malawi Judiciary is making rulings that show
lack of seriousness and disregard of Malawian lives.

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has warned that Malawi
risks a “deeper disruption” in economic activity due to the COVID-19
outbreak. While commending authorities for regaining control over budget in the
first half of the 2019/20 financial year, IMF, however, says maintaining such a
performance in the second half of the fiscal year will be challenging due to
pressures emanating from COVID-19 as well as political pressures ahead of the
fresh election, all of which it says will weigh in on government revenue.

IMF has said this in a statement issued this evening at the
end of its mission in the country held between March 10 and 23, 2020 to conduct
a fourth review of its three-year Extended Credit Facility (ECF). The mission
was led by IMF Mission Chief for Malawi Pritha Mitra.

Meantime opposition party leaders are asking Malawians to
stay away from work this Friday to force Jane Ansah’s resignation. What will
happen when we disturb our economy further?

What true leaders would demand at this moment is fortifying
our economy in case we get hit by coronavirus. A virus that has shown how vulnerable
the US health system is. A virus that has paralyzed New York City the town that
never slept. They lack simple medical equipment for their first responders.
Simple things like protection masks.

Yet in our country instead of leaving partisanship aside we
are in the middle of a political squabble. If we get infected like Italy and
many of us die, who will care who is running MEC?

Please If you are aspiring to lead this country show some

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