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Malawi Minister of Lands Msukwa, Deputy Abida deplore high rentals for Chinese built houses in Lilongwe

Ministry of Lands officials together with Minister Msukwa and Deputy Abida Mia en-route to inspect house units in the Chinise built dream town in Lilongwe

The Minister of Lands, Housing and Urban Development Kezzie Msukwa and Deputy Minister Abida Sidik Mia told the General Manager for Henan Guoji Dream Town in area 49 to revise downward the rentals they are charging for the house units they built and continue to build in the capital Lilongwe.

The moment of truth came amidst inspection of the houses the Chinese owned Construction Company has built when Minister Msukwa asked the general manager as to how much Malawians are paying for the houses in rentals.

When he heard that they were charging MK350, 000 per month, the duo, Msukwa and Abida were visibly appalled and they let the cat out of the bag when they told the General Manager to consider slashing the rentals arguing most Malawians, middle class Malawians in particular, cannot afford that.

In an interview with one of the foremen who granted an interview on condition of anonymity wondered why there is no possibility of a joint venture between local Malawi construction companies and this Chinese company which he claimed brings engineers and top workers, all from China.

“They claim they are in partnership with Malawi Housing Corporation (MHC) but that it is just on paper, there is no MHC on the ground” he said adding “they are here not to really help us but rip our country off as they send money back to China.”

Speaking earlier, Msukwa said the dream town project will “alleviate housing problems in the cities of the country.”

“The government is very happy with the project not only because it seeks to address the housing challenges in the City of Lilongwe, but also because the collaboration between a Malawian and a Chinese company underscores the excellent relations between Malawi and China, which the Malawian Government cherishes,” he said.

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