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Malawi’ Karonga health personnel buries suspected Ebola patient after relations disown him

Karonga Health workers who buried suspected Ebola patient

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)-Karonga medical personnel over the weekend buried suspected Ebola patient after his relation disown him of carrying the virus.

The 37 year old patient was buried at night at his home village in Karonga with only health workers taking care of the burial.

They put on protective wear as they do when handling Ebola patients.

The development however on Sunday raised questions as to why Malawi government was not open enough on Ebola.

In an interview with Ministry of Health Spokesperson Joshua Malango on Monday disputed the claims that the patient died of Ebola.

Malango said the case was very well handled by Karonga team that the deceased family requested support for burial but the request was only in late afternoon.

“Take note that the deceased family was from Mzimba and had to travel all the way to Karonga. They were very few and requested the council to support them with the burial. Nothing to hide.

“The delay in the burial was because the communities refused to have him buried in their place. The Mzimba chiefs refused to have the deceased buried in their area. The same was the Karonga community refused. So the family went to the Karonga District Council where they were given an okay to bury him,” says Malango.

He adds, “This was done late in the day, and then they asked for health workers to assist, because none of the adzukulus (men who dig the grave) were willing. That is why the health workers were involved and they just wore very basic protective wear – As usual you see people wearing in hospitals. The sad issue is that the family is being ostracized by their community, and even anyone who came across this guy.

“It was a normal burial. The family requested support. Thanks to team Karonga, starting with the DC. They offered workers to dig the graveyard and health care workers were very kind enough to support to the last mile”.

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