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Low-fat diet, weight loss can improve testosterone levels in men

Study finds link to diets


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6 minutes ago

Low testosterone is often blamed for problems such as low libido, low energy, reduced bone mineral density and increased body fat.

Having a low-fat diet can help men suffering from testosterone deficiency to boost their levels and avoid these health problems.

This discovery was published in the Journal of Urology. “We found out that men who adhere to a fat restrictive diet have lower serum testosterone than men on a non-restrictive diet,” said Dr Jade Fantus who led the team of researchers from the University of Chicago Medicine and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine.

The study also noted that apart from low fat diets, losing weight is also a significant contributor to increased levels of testosterone.

“Since testosterone is a steroid hormone derived from cholesterol, making changes to fat intake and losing weight alter testosterone levels significantly,” the report said. “For men who are not overweight, avoiding a low-fat diet is one effective way of increasing testosterone.”