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I am glad the President came to respond to me – Leader Nankhumwa

HONOURABLE KONDWANI NANKHUMWA, MP, – President Chakwera must be informed that if an economy, as small as ours, was robbed of that sum of money, his administration would not have found any penny in the government coffers.

Lazarus Kadingus Chakwera keeps on surprising Malawians as he keeps on trying things that fall back on his face. What was said to be question and answer session in Parliament by Chakwera ended being a response to his SONA by DPP leader Kondwani Nankhumwa who took him to task and basically humiliated him so he was forced to defend his SONA instead of answering questions from members of Parliament.

The feeble attempt failed yet again as Nankhumwa Fired Back to Chakwera:  President Chakwera Has Come to Parliament Respond to Nankhumwa Sona.

“I am glad that the President instead of responding to MPs questions he came to respond to me, has shown that it’s not him who presented the SONA but it me who presented a SONA, he has repeatedly mentioned me more than 20 times, for that I am very thankful your excellency” Hon. Nankhumwa, Leader of Opposition.

Most of his rebuttal and counter jabs started with “Leader of Opposition said this and I want to say to him that….”. The President did this more than twenty times. This attracted a  counter rebuttal from Nankhumwa saying the President was supposed to come and answer members of Parliament’s questions and not the Leader of Opposition’s Address, to which Nankhumwa continued by thanking  President Chakwera for acknowledging Nankhumwa speech as a SONA worth the lengthy response.

Part of Nankhumwa response that so confused Lazarus Below

Madam Speaker, to sum it up, I wish to reiterate that what the President delivered in this august House was not a true reflection of state of the nation. A true state of the nation today is as follows:

✓ Millions of Malawians are facing hunger. They cannot afford three meals a day.

✓ A bag of fertilizer is still at K23, 000 and all maize, tobacco, tea, coffee farmers are waiting for day this government shall fulfil its promise of K4995 Kwacha universal fertilizer subsidy.

✓ Millions of our youths remain jobless despite being promised immediate 1 million jobs

✓ A passport is still at 80,000 Kwacha after we were promised a total reduction to K14,000 Kwacha

✓ Malawians are still paying for water and electricity connection

✓ Malawi has not yet reached a point of equal opportunities for everyone. It is a Malawi for a selected few. Even some Tonse alliance members have already started raising the red flag that Tonse alliance is slowly degenerating into a ‘Ndekha Alliance’.

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