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Hearts are boiling at MBC; Chakwera leadership must act swiftly

By Nenenji Mlangeni

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-Since the Tonse Alliance, led by President Chakwera and his vice Chilima, took over the Presidency from Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), there have been anonymous stories from Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), detailing individuals believed to be DPP cadets at the state broadcaster.

The stories are aimed at provoking anger in Tonse Alliance’s appointing authority to deal or take action against those believed be cadets and senior managers, including Director General, Aubrey Sumbuleta.

As a publication, we had keen interest in the various allegations leveled against some individuals at the Corporation.

We have established that the damaging stories are being written jointly by Jack Kamwachale and Sophex Chimphonda, who are coordinating a team comprising Harris Kwanjana, Blessings Kanache, Mayeso Chikhadzula, McAllan Mapinda, Frank Kapesa, Monica Likoswe, Patricia Sundu, Yamikani Lanjesi and Andrew Chikusa.

These people top the list of individuals well known for turnishing the image of others, by, among others, calling them cadets.

They have branded innocent people as Cadets. Some individuals at News Department were just receiving instructions and directives to work on propaganda stories and Programs, yet are not Cadets.

These innocent individuals are circumstantial victims as there is no way they could be declining directives and orders from their supervisors and real MBC DPP cadets.

We have established that their leader, Jack Kamwachale resorted to using them in order to fight back the management, which he believes, wronged him for redeploying him to MBC’s Development Broadcasting Unit, widely as Guantanamo Bay.

The truth of the matter is that Kamwachale was redeployed from Finance Department and incarcerated at the Guantanamo Bay after he was found guilty of misappropriating funds which led to the firing of the former Director of Administration and Corporate Affairs(name withheld), who was also part of the scheme of siphoning resources from the public broadcaster.

So, after the change of government, Kamwachale hoped for the better. He hoped that the Tonse Alliance government will make changes by bringing new DG and Directors MBC so that he can manipulate them and get released from the Guantanamo Bay.

But little did he know that the Tonse Alliance will not rush in making changes at MBC and other government institutions. This provoked anger in him and teamed up with his colleagues to turnish the images of others so that the government can act urgently.

We have also established that not all individuals believed to be Cadets at MBC enjoyed what Kamwachale and his colleagues, termed as opportunities.

We established real cadets and those who enjoyed with the DPP regime at MBC.

Ralph Chienda, Controller of Business Affairs, is known at MBC as DPP Marshall who was allegedly involved in stealing votes, delivering ballot papers using MBC resources in 2019.

Hope Chisanu (Controller of VVIP Events), Steven Maseya (Controller of Programmes (TV), Comas Chale, Zione Mandala, Marie Tsegula, Thomas Psyata, All Directors, Wezi Sitolo, Siphat Msusa, Chisomo Break, Greyson Chapita (Controller of News (TV), Charles Pensulo (joined MBC because his relation Mulli), Memory Khancha, Owen Mavula, Mwai Mtumodzi, Sam Phiri, Mggie Ngwira, Wison Kuntambira (Controller of Engineering), Victor Pota, Richard Khoviwa, Noel Chimkwende, Chimbizga Msimuko, Mike Mkwala, Davie Umar, Jacqueline Katopola (Grey Nyandule Phiri’s daughter) Dickie Shumba, Charles Wahara, Lia Mwathunga, Stanley Kadzuwa, Betty Chidothi, George Chipala, Piwayo Chirombo, Chikondi Phinda, Rhodes Nsonkho (until his departure to Lilongwe Water Board), Henry Haukeya and Beatrice Juma.

These people largely benefited in cash and kind, which is why they were in forefront campaigning for DPP on MBC.

Most of them have been promoted twice within twelve months at the expense of individuals who have served the Corporation many years without a promotion.

Our reporters also managed names of some of those who received promotion letters and confirmation letters days after the court sanctioned June 23 Presidential election and these are Thomas Psyata, Barbara Mwandira, Mollen Gondwa, Lia Mwathunga, Betty Chidothi, Fatima Chabulika, Beatrice Mwape, Esther Matope, Mwai Mtumodzi, Owen Mavula, Stanley Kadzuwa, Siphat Msusa, Charles Pensulo and Isaac Malunga.

Meanwhile, other members of staff are wondering why the Tonse Alliance government only barred Barbara Mwandira, Marie Tsegula, Henry Haukeya, Noel Chimkwende and Greyson Chapita from appearing on TV or radio, leaving out the like of Comas Chale, Stanley Kadzuwa, Mwai Mtumodzi and Owen Mavula and Kuntambira, among others.

Chakwera leadership must act swiftly at MBC!!!!!

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