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Formula 1 brings more excitement into 2021, with a little help from

We still have another season of Formula 1 in the meantime, but
everyone’s already thinking of the next season. And why is that, you shall ask?
Well, the FIA is going to bring in some new regulations that affect both the
cars and the teams. We’re talking about a lot of stuff, so keep all these in

  • new aerodynamics regulation, allowing for more simple pieces of
  • financial limitations to the teams, so as to level the financial
    power of each;
  • new driver line-ups for the whole teams, although that is not
    enforced by the FIA;
  • different approaches to the rules and possibly new ways to

You might not be able to tell, but some of these are very
important in the very strict world of modernity and engineering of Formula 1 —
and all that will be covered extensively by, providing the best bets

Will Hamilton repeat his previous successes with Mercedes, or is it going to go for Ferrari this year? And what about Red Bull Racing – is there anything to be had with Max Verstappen at the helm? There’s a lot of uncertainty around the paddock at this moment, but we’ll try and help you figure out some of it. Whatever happens next year, there’s lots to keep in mind and various ways to make this niche

sport more appealing to you. Have you realized how long is a
Formula 1 car? There’s no need to bet on on this one,
we’ll tell you right away — it’s something very close to 5 meters, which, as
you should understand, is a lot. Just imagine something so long making turns at

There is more news to be read at regarding
Formula 1

Aside from being one of the best betting houses available in the
market, will also
provide regular information on whatever’s happening at the most exclusive
motorsport in the world. Be it gossip about Lando Norris, or hopefully the
first victory for Alexander Albon, it will keep you on your toes regarding the
new season!

Everyone wants to make a good presentation of the team and
hopefully every team will present itself competitively. That was not, of
course, the case with Williams and Haas last year, for example, as both had
terrible performances weekend in, weekend out.

On the other end of the spectrum is the mighty Mercedes AMG
Petronas team, which hasn’t given much leeway to its competitors. Do you think
it will happen differently this year? Then head to and
bet your way into it!

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That’s very
fair and understandable: after all, football is the highest grossing sport in
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At this
point, there are still a lot of things in the national leagues left undecided —
except for the Premier League, of course, which will most likely end up at the
hands of Liverpool. Every other championship is still undetermined and will
surely provide good spectacles in the following weeks!

Whether you
support a La Liga team or you fancy more the British ones at the Premier
League, has a place for you among its bets.
Rest assured they’re the best of the whole market — and so everyone is
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