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Covid-19 hits hard Malawi’s artists ceremonies

Malawian artists’: Covid-19 has affected us a lot in our ceremonies

By Donata Mpochela

LILONGWE-(MaraviPost)- Malawi local arts have expressed worrisome over coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic which has affected various ceremonies across the country.

In random interviews, artists
across the country say the pandemic has stopped them from doing things that
bring food their tables as well as connect them with their fans.

Ugandan humorist Herbert Mendo
Ssegujja, Popularly known by his stage name Teacher Mpamire
in an interview said the situation has affected the local creative’s as they
have cancel shows.

“This has affected us
heavily. The virus has brought a huge challenge to performing arts sector as I
was scheduled to perform to various places but with this, alls has been cancelled.

“I am trying to
streamline through internet in order to reach out to my fans but still more
this is not reaching to my satisfaction as most people do not enjoy online
shows than live concepts,” Mpamire said.

Faith Mussa’s Manager,
Sam Chiwaka said it is about time artists have different ideas to make money
such as live streaming.

“But, they need to
find ways to monetize streaming by doing product placement if they have to go to
that routine,” Chiwaka explained.

In a separate
interview, former Player for Chitipa United Football Club, Christopher Mtambo
said covid-19 has hit them so hard has threatened us a lot in soccer

“Just imagine we have
been training hard for the Tnm Super League games, then over the sudden due to
covid-19 Football Association of Malawi (FAM) had to suspend all football

“On a rare note, this
is going to bring laziness to us because on much training we have had will not
be having them, for example people cannot bet anymore because there is no
football watch so will they betting for?, and economically, this will affect us
a lot, no me in person but the whole country,” Mtambo said.

Phyzix’s manager, George Damson said the pandemic has forced them to cancel all his planned shows.

“We have been affected
so much especially as we have cancelled the countrywide Kugawa Makofi Tour and
now we don’t know when the pandemic will last. This was a chance for us meet
our fans basing on nationwide.

“Live shows are our
biggest source of income so that has also taken a massive hit following measure
implemented to combat the pandemic.

“I however, must emphasize that the health and well-being of our fans comes first,” explained Damson.

He further said they
will be reaching their fans through digital platforms.

“Our fans can access
our material using digital platforms as will be available 24/7. These are our
social media pages such as Whatsapp, twitter, You Tube, Facebook, Instagram. We
will be offering periodic updates on our entire social media platform,” Damson

Speaking to the
Designer, Roy View Banda said Covid-19 has negatively affected his business in
so many ways.

“This Covid-19
pandemic has affected my business a lot as people’s attention is now diverted
to the virus and people are focusing on buying things like hand sanitizers and
others in order to stay safe which is not bad at all.

“People now want to
save money just in case the situation gets worse and they have to buy groceries
in bulk so they are not spending their monies on luxuries like clothes,” Roy

He said: “Countries
that supply us with raw materials have been hit by the virus there by making it
hard for the good to be transported in Malawi.

“When we look at the closure of offices and schools have economically affected because this is where I get most of my customers, however, slowly, the world economy is being affected as it is reducing the buying power of the customers,” added Roy.

Emcee Yankho Seunda
said business is not something worry the most.

“Yes our businesses
have vast been affected but the greatest priority in life is the health of the
person so the business not something someone is supposed to worry the most.

“It is quiet
unfortunate that the virus pandemic has hitted so hard in as much as we have
not had unregistered cases in Malawi but in some of the precautionary measures
we have to adjust to considering that they have been a restriction of less than
100 people on gatherings,” Seunda said.

“This means now it’s our co-responsibility to make sure that a new form of how things are supposed to be done is driven in places of weddings and engagements but most of the people that we had bookings with have come to the formal agreement of postponements we just have to adhere to that, perhaps, it does not coincide with other bookings,” Seunda said.

Other forms of art
equally affected by the coronavirus are poet, drama, dancing, modeling, and
photography industry

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