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Saturday, July 4th, 2020


Mutharika Vindicated on COVID-19 and Joyce Banda was wrong

Joyce Banda wrong on COVID

Shared By Arthur Whosper Mzemba

A supporter of the Mutharika Government could not hide saying I told you so on COVID-19, He writes, as i had been waiting keenly on the covid-19 address by this current administration, boom my wait was over. The address today by Chakwera was about covid-19, the one that did not exist some days ago as they happily said in their campaign gimmicks. The one they called names on then government to the extent that one of their own by the name of Ulemu Msungama waged war on our frontline soldiers in Lilongwe.

One of the most interesting things was him realizing that the spread has escalated in the past three weeks. Just for the record, these three weeks are the campaign days and also the days the lockdown measure was stopped by HRDC. These said three weeks are the ones that people were being regarded as heroes if they chase health workers when doing their job on this pandemic. The incidents in Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Ndirande just to mention a few.

Mr President sir, you might recall when your predecessor put several measures in place to fight this pandemic. But through your boys you never gave a hand to the success of these measures to the point of using the courts. It was quite clear that your interest was not our good health, but your own interest were the ones that came first at the expense of our precious lives.

Arrogantly we clapped hands when your Vice president and your alliance partner the former president Joyce Banda said there is no covid-19 in this country and that the DPP govt was fooling Malawians.

As a matter of principal, an apology by these individuals is the starting point to your efforts in changing our understanding to this issue that you never told us in the first place. Your silence in time when your voice could have helped this situation is regrettable and quite hypocritical to preach about it now.

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Five killed by al-Shabab in Somalia following a bomb attack

At least five people have been killed and ten others injured following a bomb attack in Baidoa, southwest Somalia on Saturday.

Somali government spokesman Ismael Mukhtar Omar confirmed the attack on Saturday July 4.

Reports indicated that the remote-controlled explosive device targeted a local tax collection center, south of Baidoa town but exploded at a nearby restaurant.

The victims of the attack have been identified as civilians who were going about their daily routines in the area.

Reports by Punch news revealed another bomb attack occurred in front of the revenue headquarters in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, injuring seven people, including security guards.

Commenting on the matter, Somali government has condemned the two attacks and has promised to keep providing the maximum needed security to the citizens against the assailants.

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MISA Malawi calls for operationalization of Access to Information (ATI) Act

Teresa Temweka Ndanga: Chairperson of MISA Malawi

MISA Malawi has asked H.E the state president Dr Lazarus Chakwera and the vice president Saulos Chilima to set a date for the operationalization of the Access to Information (ATI) Act.

This was disclosed in a statement issued on Friday June 3 signed by MISA Malawi Chairperson Teresa Temweka Ndanga.

According to Ndanga, the ATI Act is necessary to fight corruption and ensure an open and accountable government hence the need to implement

the ATI Act and ensure the Human Rights Commission (MHRC) has adequate resources to oversee implementation of the legislation to unveil corruption and bad governance that has been thriving in darkness and secrecy.

The media institution has revealed that Malawi registered 12

attacks on journalists between January and June this year without any arrests made and has asked Chakwera-Chilima presidency to work diligently to put an end to impunity and attacks on journalists.

In the congratulatory message to President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and Vice President Right Honourable Saulos Chilima for their victory during the June 23, 2020 Fresh Presidential, MISA Malawi has also asked for independence of the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) and the Malawi

Communications Regulatory Authority (MACRA) so they can be used as a platform for diverse and robust debate on matters of national interest.

MISA Malawi has also implored with the new leadership to maintain the duty-free clause for radio and television broadcasting equipment and also to consider scraping off VAT on newsprint to support the print media which is struggling with circulation figures because of the tough economic environment prevailing in the country.

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Malawi Government Fires Health Ps Dr Namarika For Being Lhomwe

Arthur Whosper Mzemba

MCP led Government full scale war against people of Southern Malawi ethnicities in general and Lhomwes in particular continues to move at a swift pace with President Chakwera’s dismissal of Dr Dan Namarika, Principal Secretary for Ministry of Health.

 Dr Namarika, a Lhomwe by tribe, becomes the first senior casualty of MCP’s anti-South crusade. Reports reaching us indicate that Dr Lazarus Chakwera made it clear that he is not comfortable with a hardcore Lhomwe heading such a crucial Ministry as Health because he had zero trust in any person from the tribe regardless of his or her qualifications or experience before instructing OPC to relieve him of his duties with immediate effect.

In one of his speeches in Parliament when he was leader of opposition, President Chakwera is on record as saying *When I become President, I will move from Ministry to Ministry, Department to Department uprooting all elements of nepotism.

Many people interpreted this to imply he meant targeting Southerners in general and Lhomwes in particular as they share same ethnicity with the then President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika. Others then also argued that there is just no any other scientific way of proving one as a beneficiary of  nepotism apart from ethnic profiling of civil servants, i.e., identifying them solely by their tribe, region or district of origin instead of their qualifications and expertise.

At present Government has issued a circular demanding that all senior civil servants should re-submit their particulars indicating *their district of origin* and it is believed that this is one of the ploy for MCP Government to take census of all Southerners and Lhomwes in Government to target them easily.

An ad hoc committee being co- chaired by MCP’s Sam Kawale and Collins Kajawo tasked with hunting down and systematically eliminating Lhomwes and Southerners in Ministries, Department

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Life after Presidency as APM enjoys Family time

Former President Mutharika with Family

Former Malawi President has found time after losing the Presidency in a judiciary coup to enjoy and relax. A great picture has surfaced with the Former President Peter Mutharika having some fun time with his wife, Gertrude, and some grandchildren at his house in Mangochi.

According to DPP supporters His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika wishes all Malawians a blessed weekend from his Villa Mutharika in Mangochi.

So, to those who were worried about the Former President He appears well and relaxed.

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DPP statements on Political Persecutions and Arbitrary arrests fall on deaf ears to a nation celebrating a new President

The rise of Lazarus Chakwera and the euphoria that is taking place in Malawi, reminds one of Joyce Banda until months later when people realised that she was ill-equipped for the job. Right now, Lazarus the savior can do no wrong.

The DPP is facing headwinds from the nation that believes Lazarus Chakwera will solve all their problems. Today the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said they wanted to bring to the attention of Malawians and the international community concerns over political witch-hunting, harassment, and persecution against its members by the new Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Government of President Reverend Dr. Lazarus Chakwera.

DPP Blantyre’s Bangwe Nthandizi ward councilor Isaac Jomo Osman arrested for malicious damage, theft

According to the Statement by the DPP made available to the Maravi Post, it said Malawians and the entire international community should take note that the MCP Government has embarked on a frightening hate campaign against DPP leaders and members, which include arbitrary arrests and dismissal from employment of perceived DPP sympathizers in the public sector, among others.

As a political party, which has always believed in the rule of law and good governance, we wish to condemn in the strongest terms the recent political arrests of senior and rank and file members of the party, notably Honourable David Kambalame, DPP Central Region Governor, DPP National Governing Council member Ngozi Harawa, Jomo Osman and Agape Nkhobe, by the MCP Government.

Lawless arrests BY MCP

Information reaching us indicates that the MCP Government will conduct more mass arrests of DPP and other opposition members, including the former President His Excellency Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, former First Lady, Madame Professor Gertrude Mutharika, Tadikila Mutharika, DPP Secretary General, Grezelder Jeffrey, Regional Governor, South, Honourable Charles Mchacha, DPP Director of Elections, Honourable Dr. Ben Malunga Phiri, DPP Spokesperson, Honourable Nicholas Dausi, DPP Vice President, Eastern Region, Honourable Bright Msaka, Honourable Symon Vuwa Kaunda, Honourable Mzomera Ngwira, Honourable Dyton Mussa, Honourable Leston Mulli, Honourable Joseph Mwanamveka and Professor Mutharika’s personal bodyguard, Norman Chisale; arrests bordering on politics.

We also wish to strongly condemn intimidation and harassment antics perpetrated against vendors and businesspersons perceived to be DPP and UDF sympathizers, notably those in Blantyre, Limbe, Lilongwe, Zomba, Ntcheu, Balaka, Liwonde, Nkhata Bay, Nkhota Kota, Karonga and Mzuzu.

As a government that has barely settled in the joystick of power, we fail to understand that its first act should be to arrest opposition members on politically motivated charges. This is uncalled for and we wish to urge them to halt these political arrests and persecution.

Malawi Do-over Elections

On 23 June 2020, Malawians voted in the historic fresh presidential election. The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) declared candidate for the Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Reverend Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and his running mate, Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima, winners.

During his maiden speech as Leader of Opposition in Parliament on June 30, 2020, Honourable Kondwani Nankhumwa, MP, duly congratulated His Excellency President Reverend Dr. Lazarus Chakwera and State Vice President Right Honourable Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima for their victory.

Honourable Nankhumwa pledged opposition’s support to the new government as it embarks on the momentous task of managing the economy and re-uniting Malawians against a backdrop of serious tribal, ethnic, and regional divisions.

Therefore, it comes to us as a huge surprise that instead of embarking on a serious social and economic transformation path, the new government of His Excellency President Reverend Dr. Lazarus Chakwera has embarked on a nefarious plan of arbitrary arresting and persecuting political opponents.

MCP Ugly Political History

The Maravi Post
Remembering the Assassination of the ‘Mwanza Four’ 35 Years Ago ..

The Malawian political history presents a lot of free lessons to His Excellency President Chakwera and his administration. For over 30 years, between 1964 and 1994, the MCP committed serious atrocities against Malawians, including arbitrary arrest and detention without trial of perceived enemies of the MCP regime. Many people were killed, and others fled into exile.

Malawians voted for change in June in 1993. We changed from a one-party dictatorship to democracy following a National Referendum. In May 1994, Malawians voted in a new UDF Government in multiparty elections.

Progress on Human Rights

A 2010 report by the British High Commission stated that Malawi had “made good progress on human rights since the introduction of multi-party democracy” in 1994, when Malawi’s Constitution went into effect. The British report noted that Malawi’s Constitution “protects fundamental rights,” that the country “has signed up to most international treaties,” and that there were “no political prisoners in Malawi jails as was the case during the one-party era.” It is therefore retrogressive and utterly unfortunate for the MCP to re-introduce one-party era politics of arbitrary arrests and political persecution.

Reminding Chakwera about multiparty democracy

Bakili Muluzi
Former President Bakili Muluzi Image copyright Getty Images Image caption

Let us remind President Chakwera that in 1993, Malawians opted for multiparty democracy where they would enjoy freedom of association, including belonging to a political party of their choice.

We are of the strongest view that the ongoing spate of arrests and political persecution is an attempt by the MCP Government to oppress voices of dissent and suppress the free political expression of the people.

Chakwera should stop arrests

We wish to request President Chakwera and his administration that no more arrests be made and that those arrested on politically motivated charges be released as promptly as possible.

For the restoration of peace and stability in Malawi after the recent political turmoil following the disputed 2019 presidential election, it is important for both the Government and opposition to reach out to one another and create a peaceful Malawi.

We call on Government and opposition to build mutual confidence and pursue dialogue to ensure political, social, and economic development of the country, Malawi, which we all call HOME.

We call on the international community to immediately intervene and encourage the MCP Government of His Excellency Reverend Dr. Lazarus Chakwera to uphold the rule of law and good governance in line with international laws and governing standards.

Finally, we wish to assure all Malawians and the international community that being a duly registered political party in Malawi, the DPP has the right to defend Malawi’s hard-won democracy. We will resist any further attempts to intimidate the leadership of the party and its entire membership. We shall not be forced into political submission!

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19179 Lazarus our Savior

Lazarus Chakera
Conversations Between Lazarus the Savior and Lazarus Chakwera the Politician

Every week we are going to have a conversation between Lazarus the savior of Malawi and Lazarus Chakwera the ambitious and calculative politician

Lazarus the Savior: I told you when I was preparing my coup against Peter Mutharika that COVID-19 was a hoax engineered by the DPP to stop me from becoming President. Since I was anointed by God and I won the Malawi Presidency, I now declare Malawi FREE of COVID-19.

Lazarus the Politician:  I am warning Malawians to be extra careful about the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, which is spreading all over Malawi, since the first case was identified in April. I am warning you Malawians as your duly elected President (despite being a coup d’état president) that the disease is now a matter of life and death.

Lazarus the Savior: In my deal with young Naïve Chilima, I promised that he will be an empowered Vice-President and that Saulos Chilima–widely known by his initials SKC– would double as my  minister of Finance as well as heading the public sector reforms. I promise Saulos Chilima will be the country’s purse keeper in order to oversee the implementation of the nine-party Tonse Alliance manifesto which includes reducing fertilizer from the current K22 000 to K4 495 per 50 kg bag, creating one million jobs within a year and champion the public sector reforms and the economic reconstruction.

Lazarus the Politician: I fooled naïve Saulos Chilima,that he will be my Finance Minister(What a joker) instead I am appointing Saulos Chilima, who was sworn-in alongside me on Sunday, as minister of economic planning and development, and public sector reforms.

Chilima played an important role in the re-run of the controversial “Tippex election”, coming together with Chakwera to form the opposition Tonse Alliance that ultimately unseated ex-president Peter Mutharika.

UTM supporters can go to hell If they do not like the crumbs, I am throwing their way.

Those who know me know I am capable of keeping my word, just ask Jessie Kabwila. I run her out of MCP even though she was there before me.

Lazarus the Savior: while campaigning i promised million jobs within the first year, reduction of prices of fertilizers by over 400 percent, and curbing corruption, which marred the Mutharika administration. I promise no nepotism hiring in my Government. People will be hired on Merit not on favors done for me.

Lazarus the Politician: Do not judge me yet. I have yet to be sworn in but I am not sure the COVID-19 will allow me to create that many jobs.

That is all folks for this week. See you next saturday

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Diplomatie et nécrologie alimentent la presse sénégalaise

Publié le 04.07.2020 à 13h18 par APA

Les journaux sénégalais, parvenus samedi à APA, traitent principalement de la volte-face de l’Union Européenne (UE) à propos de la liste des pays dont les ressortissants sont autorisés à voyager dans l’espace Schengen mais aussi de la disparition de Bamba Ndiaye.Vox Populi annonce que l’ancien ministre des Affaires religieuses sous Abdoulaye Wade (2000-2012) « n’est plus ». Ce journal rapporte qu’il a rendu l’âme « hier (vendredi), en début de soirée, à l’Hôpital Principal de Dakar (HPD) ».

Le Quotidien rappelle que le défunt « avait dirigé le quotidien privé Le Messager. Quelques années après le départ des libéraux du pouvoir, il avait rejoint les rangs du Grand Parti d’El Hadj Malick Gackou, avant de quitter cette formation politique pour aller soutenir le candidat sortant Macky Sall lors de la dernière élection présidentielle de 2019 ».

« Bamba Ndiaye (a été) emporté par la Covid-19 », révèle L’AS. Poursuivant, ce journal fait savoir que « des médias avaient avancé qu’il était infecté par (le virus) avant que sa famille n’apporte un démenti. Quoi qu’il en soit, plusieurs médias (RFM, Iradio…) ont indiqué qu’il est décédé des suites du coronavirus ».

Tout compte fait, « c’est la fin de mission pour l’islamologue Bamba Ndiaye », souligne L’Observateur. Dans ce quotidien, le religieux Ahmed Khalifa Niasse lui rend hommage : « Bamba était un self-made-man qui s’est construit lui-même. Il représente la catégorie éclairée des arabisants du Sénégal. C’était un avant-gardiste ».

En ce qui concerne la reprise du trafic aérien, Le Soleil informe que « le Sénégal ne fera pas partie des pays interdits de voyage dans l’espace Schengen, d’après l’ambassadeur de la Délégation de l’Union Européenne (UE), Irène Mingasson ».

A en croire le quotidien national, « la stratégie de la loi du Talion adoptée par le Sénégal, suite à la décision de l’UE de le bannir de la liste des pays autorisés à voyager dans son espace, est-elle en train de porter ses fruits ? Si c’est encore trop tôt pour être catégorique, on peut toutefois le penser au regard des derniers développements dans cette affaire ».

Pour L’AS, « l’Union Européenne fait machine arrière ». Dans les colonnes de ce journal, la diplomate en poste à Dakar déclare qu’ « il y a (eu) un malentendu sur la perception de la décision » de l’UE ayant poussé le Sénégal à appliquer la réciprocité.

« L’Union Européenne recule pour éteindre le feu », mentionne Vox Populi. Irène Mingasson, qui était « en classe d’explications » dans Le Quotidien, affirme que « techniquement, (le Sénégal) n’est pas concerné tout de suite. La recommandation de l’UE concerne la période qui s’étend du 1er au 15 juillet 2020 ». Une date que le gouvernement sénégalais a retenue pour rouvrir progressivement son espace aérien.

Poursuivant dans ce journal, l’ambassadeur de la Délégation de l’UE précise : « La liste des pays va être révisée tous les quinze jours. Donc, elle le sera au 15 juillet. Je ne suis pas dans les secrets des discussions qui se tiennent entre les Etats membres de (cet espace) pour définir qui (intègre cette liste) et à quel moment. Mais je crois que sur la base de ce que l’on sait, des critères pour y être, il faut continuer à travailler pour informer sur la situation (épidémiologique) au Sénégal ».

En tout cas, « en seulement 30 jours, 70 personnes ont perdu la bataille face (au) virus (et) 3148 cas confirmés ont été déclarés avec 800 issus de la transmission communautaire. Sur cette pente ascendante, les 72 premières heures de ce mois de juillet ont déjà accouché de 13 décès pour 371 cas (attestés) », détaille Sud Quotidien.

S’intéressant aux « dessous de la déclaration de l’ambassadeur de l’Union Européenne », L’Observateur renseigne que « la réaction d’Irène Mingasson s’est faite après une rencontre avec Amadou Bâ, le ministre des Affaires étrangères et des Sénégalais de l’extérieur ».

Sur un tout autre sujet, EnQuête indique que « la tentative de vol du Range Rover du lutteur Eumeu Sène, à Petit Mbao (périphérie de la capitale), dans la nuit du mercredi au jeudi, a viré au drame ». Ce quotidien ajoute que « l’un des membres du gang qui voulait opérer le vol a rendu l’âme. (Et) deux (lutteurs) de l’écurie Tay Shinger (dont le tête de file est Eumeu Sène) sont en garde à vue dans les locaux de la Gendarmerie de Mbao ».

Enfin, Stades soutient que « Sadio Mané doit accélérer en cette fin de saison » pour « finir meilleur buteur et meilleur joueur » de la Premier League (championnat d’élite anglais) qu’il a déjà remportée avec son club Liverpool. Pour ce faire, explique le quotidien d’informations sportives, la tête de gondole des Lions du Sénégal « devra réaliser des prestations probantes à l’occasion des six ultimes journées ».  

Economie, justice et sport au menu des quotidiens et hebdomadaires marocains

Publié le 04.07.2020 à 13h18 par APA

Les scénarios de relance économique, les prévisions de croissance, la situation dans le milieu carcéral et les demi-finales de la coupe de la CAF, sont les principaux sujets abordés par les hebdomadaires et quotidiens marocains parus ce samedi.+La Vie Éco+ indique que les opérateurs économiques, la communauté des affaires, les investisseurs, le secteur privé, attendent avec impatience le contenu de la Loi de finances rectificative dont les contours devraient être dévoilés dans les jours à venir.

L’ampleur des attentes est compréhensible, compte tenu de la conjoncture inédite et du caractère exceptionnel à tous les niveaux de cette année 2020, explique la publication, notant qu’il faut maintenant espérer que le gouvernement arrivera à faire preuve de courage pour prendre les bons choix et surtout qu’il ne sera pas tenté d’opter pour les solutions de facilité.

Pour le journal, ce dont il est question aujourd’hui, c’est de sauver des millions d’emplois et d’en créer davantage si possible, de sauver des entreprises et de maintenir l’écosystème en vie dans un premier temps, puis de le relancer dans un deuxième temps. Et vouloir appliquer les concepts et principes à la situation d’aujourd’hui pourrait être synonyme d’arrêt de mort pour l’économie.

+Finances News Hebdo+ écrit que jamais prévision de croissance n’aura été entourée d’autant d’incertitudes au Maroc, soulignant qu’au regard de la situation que nous traversons, prévoir la croissance 2020 est autrement plus complexe. La sécheresse et la pandémie de la Covid-19 ont en effet truqué le match, explique l’hebdomadaire, notant que la première a plombé la campagne agricole, ruinant les espoirs d’une croissance un tant soit peu vigoureuse.

La seconde est venue enfoncer le clou, avec impacts sanitaires, économiques et sociaux considérables. Seule certitude que nous donne la combinaison de ces deux facteurs : l’économie est à genoux, l’horizon est flou et les perspectives de reprise sont entourées de grosses incertitudes, conclut-il.

+Al Massae+ rapporte que la Commission parlementaire d’information sur la situation des prisons a visité trois établissements pénitentiaires et rendu son rapport, où elle relève une multitude de dysfonctionnements.

Le rapport souligne notamment que le Maroc enregistre le taux le plus élevé dans le monde en matière de détention provisoire. Or, les détenus sont, pour la moitié d’entre eux, soit acquittés, soit condamnés à des peines de prison avec sursis. Ce constat a d’ailleurs été fait par plusieurs organisations et associations nationales des droits de l’Homme.

Dans ce rapport, poursuit le quotidien, la Commission d’information a indiqué que la surpopulation carcérale exigeait, en effet, l’adoption d’une politique pénale basée sur la restriction des conditions de poursuite judiciaire en état d’arrestation. Il faut, ajoute le rapport, que la poursuite en état d’arrestation demeure l’exception et que la poursuite en état de liberté soit la règle. La Commission recommande, en outre, d’accélérer l’adoption des sanctions alternatives en tant que mécanisme apte à contribuer à mettre fin à l’encombrement dans les prisons.

Côté sport, la même publication rapporte que l’entraîneur du Horoya Conakry, présent en demi-finale de la Ligue des champions, prévue au Maroc, ne cache pas son mécontentement.

Selon le quotidien, le choix de Rabat pour accueillir la finale de la Coupe de la CAF ne fait pas que des heureux. Si cette décision prise il y a quelques jours par la Confédération africaine de football (CAF) a été bien accueillie côté marocain, pays qui est représenté par deux clubs qualifiés aux demi-finales de la compétition (Renaissance de Berkane et Hassania d’Agadir), la décision n’a pas du tout été du goût du Horoya Conakry, autre qualifié au dernier carré de la compétition.

Pour l’entraîneur du club guinéen, qui rencontre le club égyptien des Pyramids en demi-finale (l’autre demi-finale oppose la RSB au HUSA), la décision est qualifiée d’«injuste». «Je ne sais pas sur quelle base ce choix a été fait par la CAF. N’y a-t-il pas d’autres pays capables d’organiser cette compétition continentale. Car cette décision est dépourvue de justice et de neutralité», s’est insurgé l’entraîneur sénégalais du Horoya, Lamine Ndiaye, cité par le journal.

«La CAF aurait pu choisir d’organiser le reste de la compétition en Tunisie. Il n’y aurait alors pas eu de polémique puisqu’il s’agit d’un pays neutre car aucun club tunisien n’est présent dans la compétition», a argué l’entraîneur du Horoya, qui, il y a quelques années, avait fait le bonheur du TP Mazembe en le propulsant en finale de la Coupe du monde des clubs. «Tout le monde sait que deux clubs marocains sont présents dans le dernier carré de la compétition et donc un de ces deux clubs sera qualifié en finale», a ajouté Lamine Ndiaye.

Lazarus Chakwera singing different tune on COVID-19

Lazarus Chakwera addressing Malawians on COVID-19

During the campaign period Saulos Chilima insisted the Court sanctioned fresh presidential election will be held even if government deliberately spreads the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic what he called deliberate poor response.

It was not only Chilima, Joyce Banda’s political statements on the Coronavirus have been rightly condemned by both government leaders and even supporters of the Tonse Alliance. In a play to gain favor for her diminishing political fortunes and influence in the Tonse Alliance Banda claimed there is no Coronavirus in Malawi.

Joyce Banda COVID-19 denial statements are irresponsible and unbefitting of a former President

In response the Malawi Government has dismissed as false and irresponsible remarks made by former President Joyce Banda that the country has no Covid-19 cases. In a statement by the Minister of Information Mark Botoman says such remarks, coming from a parent and a former president, are not only irresponsible but also unfortunate and lacking in patriotism.

The utterances from Joyce Banda so angered Botoman, that he accused former President Mrs. Joyce Banda of not loving Malawi and did not care if many Malawians died of the pandemic.

So, today that he is now in power Dr Lazarus Chakwera Saturday warned Malawians to be extra careful about the deadly COVID-19 pandemic, saying “it is spreading all over Malawi” since the first case was identified in April.

In a national address delivered from his private residence in Lilongwe, the President said the disease was “now a matter of life and death.”

Apparently now he is President he has realised how serious the disease has become. His ambitions for power allowed him to sacrifice the lives of Malawians.

He said 16 people have died since April 3, and 1,400 people have tested positive for the virus.

Lazarus Chakwera, flanked by Vice President Dr Saulos Chilima, said the pandemic was “worse today than three months ago and half of the 1400 tested got the disease in the last three weeks.”

“Most of the infections have spread in the local community,” he added.

Among the measures to contain the spread of the deadly disease, the newly minted Malawi leader said on Independence day and inauguration celebrations July 6, only 20, 000 people will be allowed to enter the Bingu National Stadium as a measure to contain the spread of the disease.

Yet while campaigning he did not require his supporters to wear Masks. So, what has changed now?

He said only mask wearing people will be allowed to enter the 40,000-seater facility, and those without will be provided free masks.

Lazarus Chakwera said: “We will win this fight no matter how long it takes. The only way to defeat the pandemic is to work together.”

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