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Wambora launches Embu disaster centre project

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The Embu County government is setting up a disaster management centre which will be responding to distress calls from across the region.

Already, Sh15 million has been set aside for the first phase of the centre.

The centre will comprise of a modern fire station, hydrants, and accommodation for emergency.

It will also train disaster management workers and host a newly created disaster management directorate.

“Our people have been suffering due to lack of adequate facilities to handle disasters but the problem will be history once the project is completed,” said Governor Martin Wambora.



Speaking Tuesday during the ground breaking ceremony for the building of the centre in Embu town, Mr Wambora said his administration is determined to ensure the project is completed.

He was emphatic that the initiative will go a long way in responding to disasters and emergencies when they arise.

The governor said it is important for the county to be prepared to face challenges in order to minimise the impact of disasters on the residents.

He lauded the county’s fire and enforcement department for the effort it has been making to save lives despite the meagre resources available.

“The department is very committed and I’m happy with the good work it does,” he stated.

The governor said it is important to develop standard procedures for various types of disasters so that all people will benefit in the same way.

“Once developed, these procedures should be updated regularly to reflect key changes to the internal and external environment,” Mr Wambora said.

He pledged to allocate more resources and ensure better preparedness and a stronger response.