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To avoid depletion of our forests, let us go paperless

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It is important to come up with strategies to reduce unnecessary felling of trees, especially pulp woods for paper making such as acacia, pine and eucalyptus.

One is for the government to embrace digital technology to reduce its paper usage.

The Judiciary leads public offices and learning institutions that have a high obsession with printed material.

These have defied the digital hype and still harbour huge filing cabinets, overflowing waste paper baskets and humming printers.

Most of the government processes are available online. Most job applications are done digitally to reduce the number of hard copies reaching offices.

At bank ATMs and supermarket pay points, some customers insist on printing a receipt, which they immediately throw into the dustbin.

I laud media houses that have embraced digital platforms.

Kenya Power saved Sh174 million a year by eliminating the printing of electricity bills.

Paper use is cumbersome and comes with expenses in terms of administration and filing and consumes office space occupied by cabinets.

Digital filing is efficient and it takes few seconds to locate and it’s safe due to the availability of backups.

Going paperless is a greener option and stakeholders should encourage development of policies to reduce unnecessary use of paper.