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Things You Need to Know Before Playing Golf

Playing Golf

Playing Golf
You should learn some things to get ready to play Golf

Golf in the form we know it today appeared in Scotland many years ago. The first well-conceived competitions were held between Scottish cities. Soon the game of golf spread throughout England and then around the world. If you are looking for a new hobby, or you are just interested in golf as a “game for wealthy people,” it is worth finding out certain things before buying your first putter.

Well, anyway, if you are not involved in this sport yet, it would be useful to go to the gym first and work on your muscles at least a little. Of course, you are not required to become Tiger Woods, but you should try to avoid any injuries.

Understand Why You Need It

Before you start, it is worth sorting out some moments. Firstly, why did you decide to try your hand at playing golf? Do you need it for your career, or you want to expand your circle of friends or impress someone special? In this case, a few basic lessons and the help of patient friends may be enough for you. If you dream of victories and want visible progress, then you should think about personal training with leading coaches. The next question is about how much are you willing to invest? It is not only about money but also time and energy. There is a significant difference between the desire to have fun and the dream of becoming a serious golfer. In the latter case, you may need online college homework help if you combine this sport and studies for a bachelor’s degree, for example. So, sort out your goals and get started.

Choose a Suitable Golf Club

Of course, high-quality golf clubs and gear will improve your game, but they don’t really matter if you’re a beginner. You can fray, scratch, or even break your first golf clubs, so don’t spend a fortune on a good set until you become skillful enough. Besides, there is always a chance that you will not like it that much. So, if you are a student, it is better to get a paper helper than to waste your money on the thing you will give up in a month. A rookie will need up to 12 golf clubs, including a driver, putter, and iron. If you have never held a golf club, then it is worth visiting a shop with golf gear and ask for the 6th iron with shafts of different degrees of hardness (it can be regular-flex or stiff-flex). Thus, you will be able to understand which shaft you can easily control. Take advantage of the beginner golf clubs. For a start, it is better to give preference to hybrids (a cross between wood and iron) instead of the 3rd, 4th, and 5th irons. But if you choose irons, remember that the wider the sole of the iron is, the chances are higher the golf club will stay out of the ground. Besides, the more weight is shifted into the sole, the lower the club’s center of gravity, and it is easier for you to send the ball much higher. And it is worth purchasing about 7 ordinary balls at first.


There is not a single line about the dress code in the rules of the game. Nevertheless, it exists and is worth sticking to if you don’t like the image of a “black sheep.” Usually, men and women put on classic shorts and polo t-shirts with long or short sleeves. If it is cold outside, you can wear a jumper or a windbreaker. And you should necessarily put on white ankle-length socks even if you wear shorts as well as sunglasses and a baseball. Besides, you will need studded footwear. In general, some golf clubs have requirements for the color palette of the player’s uniform. If you are a student, and you want to purchase a pretty expensive golf uniform, you can order essay online cheap and save a pretty penny.

Find a Coach

On the one hand, if you are a rookie, your knowledge and skills are zero. On the other hand, you have not developed the wrong habits yet, and you can find out what and how to do everything right. There is nothing better than doing everything right from the very beginning. It is wrong to take lessons only when something does not work out. Of course, your friends are ready to provide you with numerous tips, but it’s still better to consult a specialist who is good at teaching.


As we have said, it is better to find a coach. Start your training with short irons or wages, and don’t forget about stretching to warm up your muscles. Do not strive to master the driver right away because you are not ready for this club. It is better to do everything gradually.

At first, try to practice short hits more thoroughly. It sounds tedious, but you can practice even in your backyard or in front of the TV. An experienced coach will teach you how to place your feet and hold your hands correctly, teach golf terminology and other important things.

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