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Suicide with passing assistance pods is now legal in China’s Hawaii

Passing assistance pods

HAWAII-(MaraviPost)– As of January 1st, 2019, the state of Hawaii legalized assisted suicide. With the legalization, doctors can now prescribe death as a medical procedure.

To aid Hawaii’s medical providers, we have purchased 30 passing assistance pods.

These pods/machines are prescribed to patients to use should they feel the need to end their current life term.

To make the procedure as calming as possible, clients enter the pod and are able to select a movie, tv-show, or music to view and/or hear while they pass on.

To start the procedure, the client must hold their hand down on a button for 30 seconds; this confirms to the system that they are ready to go. At this point, the pod door locks and a mixture of gases are dispensed into the pod.

These gases cause the person’s brain to slowly shut down over a period of around 15 minutes.

The combination of gases is tasteless and odorless and causes the patient to fall into an endless sleep.

Once the procedure is completed, the internal membrane of the booth detaches, and a pump sucks the air out of the pod, this shrink wraps the body inside. The body is then lifted out of the pod and is disposed of per the client’s wishes. A new membrane and gas canisters are installed ready for the next person.

The total procedure takes proximity for one hour, and each pod is capable is serving approximately ten clients a day. This fast, effective service should allow the majority of people to experience very low wait times, but should they be needed, we may consider ordering more pods.

For those interested in the procedure, we advise you to speak to your medical provider.

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