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Shun useless political talk

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Some politicians can be quite ridiculous, and prone to trivialising matters that deserve to be taken more seriously. Take, for example, Mbeere North MP Muriuki Njagagua’s response to the plan to scrap constituencies that do not meet a certain population threshold. He has taken it upon himself to devise his own strategy to boost the population.

He is offering Sh2,000 to every woman who gives birth in order to secure his constituency. Here is a matter that affects all his constituents, but he prefers a trivial personal approach. This is a big joke, though he is not the first politician to dabble in matters where he has no proven expertise.

One is also reminded of Kiambu County hiring idlers and paying them a stipend to keep off drink. What those who devised this didn’t realise is that putting money in the hands of alcoholics would just fuel it.


We would have dismissed the MP’s talk with the contempt it deserves, but it is an annoying reaction to the plan to dissolve 27 constituencies whose populations fall below the set quota of 133,000 persons. It’s fact that the government is reeling under the heavy financial burden of the numerous administrative units created in recent years. Merging some will ensure that the new units are viable and cut costs. The MP’s push for more births to protect his constituency is nonsensical and should be ignored.

The danger in such messaging is that it could gain traction, especially among the majority poor and illiterate folks, leading to a population explosion. MPs are influential leaders and some of their outlandish ideas could be easily picked up. And, of course, the MP is not bothered about who will take care of the additional children. Women and families are not manufacturers of children to serve political interests.