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Retired MI5 agent confesses on his deathbed- ” I Killed Princess Diana because she knew secrets of royalty

princes diana

princes diana

The Late Princess Diana

LONDON-(MaraviPost)-Princess Diana – the people’s princess. She was adored by everyone who knew her, and she brought light wherever she went.

She was known for her compassion and kindness, grace and elegance. Life was cruel to steal her so young from her people, at such a young age, too.

Her death since then has affected thousands all over, especially when news of her death first leaked.

The entire world was in mourning. Even now, many years later, her death still leaves a scar in the hearts of her people.

Everyone thought, and it was investigated, too, that her death was caused by paparazzi chasing her, causing her and her then lover’s car to crash, resulting in the ill-fated lovers passing way immediately upon impact.

However, new evidence has been found. Or rather, someone has stepped forward to confess his crimes, after so many years. John Hopkins, a retired MI5 agent, has since made some terribly astonishing confessions since he has been released from the hospital on Wednesday, after being told he only had weeks left to leave.

He had kept his secrets for so long, so why is he finally letting them out of the bag? Because his demise is near, he claimed.

Moreover, many of those who were involved have already passed away; he added on as one of the reasons that he is finally confessing to crimes.