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Punish doping athletes ruining name of country

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Five Kenyan elite athletes are either being investigated by International Association of Athletics Federation’s (IAAF’s) Athletes Integrity Unit (AIU) or Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya for doping violation.

If found guilty, track athletes Kipyegon Bett, Boniface Mweresa and Asbel Kiprop and marathon runners Lucy Kabuu and Samuel Kalalei are likely to serve between two to four years’ ban.

While the athletes are still innocent until proven guilty, we want to commend AIU and Adak for their efforts to ensure athletics is free from performance enhancing substances.

It shows the systems to nab cheats in sports are working hence the two organs must not relent in its fight against doping. As we implore on them to put in more efforts, they will require the much needed support from all sports federations especially Athletics Kenya (AK). Doping among Kenyan athletes is now reaching a national disaster level with many cases coming up.

It’s pleasing that IAAF has also come up with stringent measures targeting athletes from five countries that have prevalent cases of doping with Kenya included. Athletes from these countries will require to take three out-of-competition tests within eight months before major world championships.

While we want doping cheats to be stopped, what is disturbing is these are elite athletes are well versant with these doping rules. These few doping cheats are ruining the name of the country and the majority of Kenyan athletes who are running clean.

President Uhuru Kenyatta signed into law some doping bill hence we want those who have been found culpable fined heavily or sent to jail.