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Pregnancy scare in BBNaija lockdown: Housemate Vee misses monthly period

Vee and Neo

LAGOS-(MaraviPost)-Neo and Vee have raised suspicions of having sex in the Lockdown house.

It all started on Wednesday night after Vee complained that she has not seen her period for the month.

Again, on Thursday, Neo asked if she has seen her period, adding that she looks pregnant.

Vee said: “I’ve missed my period, I’m gonna fu*k you up. You should be scared.

Neo responding said: “I’m a fu*king 26yr old man, I’m Neo, I’m a reality Tv star. I got you.

“You probably just miscalculated so don’t be scared.”

This conversation has stirred suspicions from BBNaija fans who are speculating that the housemates had sex where there were no cameras.

Here are some comments gathered from Twitter:

@MsJojacobs “Does it mean Neo and Vee made love. Why is she asking Neo if he is not scared that her period is late?

@Romina_Moore “My God never flops!!! So Vee and Neo had unprotected sex and her period being delayed makes her feels like she pregnant?

@Olori_Renike “Did Vee and Neo have sex? She’s really worried about this period wey don miss o. ”

@Mz_B_b ” I’m sure they’ve been having sex in the bathroom because the cameras don’t show the bathroom.”

@Ojurepepe ” Things steady going on in that house. I’m sure Eric and Lilo too but they didn’t show us.

@Kay_20 ” Vee just told Neo he should be scared (she haven’t seen her period yet) These two have been having sex.

Vee is afraid that she might be pregnant . She hasn’t see her period yet. 
But wait, I thought she was complaining of konji some hours ago,” says Nwachukwu John Owen (@johnowen99) 

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