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Polio immunisation campaign launched in Nairobi

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The Ministry of Health has launched a polio immunisation campaign targeting 800,000 children.

The four-day campaign will see all children under five years of age in Nairobi County vaccinated against the infectious disease that causes paralysis.

The campaign involving an estimated 1,000 health workers will begin on May 9 -13, 2018.

The immunisation will be conducted in Nairobi as the county is considered to be at risk of polio after a virus was detected in environmental samples collected in Eastleigh in March.

“It is unacceptable that we still have a fraction of underimmunised children in Kenya. In the 1970s we used to be a model country for impressive coverage rates. We need to reclaim this position. We need to aim for 100 per cent coverage,” said Jackson Kioko, director of medical services at the Ministry of Health.