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Police in Kisauni kill Wakali Kwanza gang suspects

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Police have shot dead two suspected members of a criminal gang hours after a Flying Squad officer died after he was stabbed by a member of the notorious gang in Kisauni, Mombasa.

The two were gunned down in Magodoroni where the officer was stabbed in the chest by the criminal suspected to be a member of the outlawed Wakali Kwanza gang.

Police said the two suspects were armed with machetes and are part of the gang that killed the officer.

“We recovered machetes from them. We are still in pursuit of others,” said Kisauni police boss Sangura Musee.

The officer succumbed to his injuries on his way to Premier Hospital where he was referred from Jocham Hospital where he had earlier been rushed after the attack.

Police sources said the officer was referred to Premier Hospital after he failed to produce his job card and NHIF card which the sources said got lost after he was attacked.

Mr Musee accused the Jocham Hospital management of failure to attend to the officer.

“The officials brought up many stories instead attending to the patient. It is unfortunate we lost the officer because of the [many] questions they asked instead of attending to him,” he said during a briefing outside his offices.

However, the hospital’s management said the patient was transferred as he required ICU services that they could not provide.

The officer was attacked near the notorious Magodoroni drug den.

Mr Musee said they have launched a manhunt for the two suspects whose names they have managed to get.