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Panic, sorcery claim after snake killed at Baringo assembly

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A two-metre black and white snake surfaced at the Baringo County Assembly on Friday, leaving workers and residents perturbed.

A large crowd gathered outside the premises in Kabarnet town to catch a glimpse of the reptile that was eventually killed.

Reports indicated that workers spotted the snake at the assembly buildings three days ago but that it disappeared before they could capture it.


Bernard Keter, a worker, said its presence paralysed operations for the better part of afternoon as nobody wanted to go to the area where it was last seen.

“It took us more than four hours to flush out and kill the snake which had entered in to a manhole. It was at a construction site,” he said.


Snake at Baringo assemblyResidents of Kabarnet town in Baringo mill around the assembly precincts after the killing of a snake on November 8, 2019. PHOTO | FLORAH KOECH | NATION MEDIA GROUP

Resident Vincent Cheptoo said they were perturbed to see a snake at the assembly.

“How did it even enter the assembly in the first place? I suspect this snake is associated with sorcery and that someone carried and dumped it at the assembly precincts,” he said.

The incident come barely five days after more than seven men from Molo Sirwe village in Mogotio Sub-county captured a 60-kilogram rock python, stuffed it in a sack and carried it more than 60 kilometres to Governor Stanley Kiptis’ building in Kabarnet.

They said the python had wreaked havoc by killing their goats so they had to take action.

Baringo assembly snakeResidents of Kabarnet town in Baringo County display the snake that was killed at the assembly precincts on November 8, 2019. PHOTO | FLORAH KOECH | NATION MEDIA GROUP

One of the residents was heard saying they had to carry it all the way to Kabarnet to show the governor that they suffer because of snakes.

He cited snake bites, which are rampant in lowlands, especially during the dry season.

Lowlands prone to snake bites include Barwessa, Bartabwa, Salawa, Endao, Lake Baringo, Kokwo, Maoi, Kapkuikui, Mukutani, Kiserian, Arabal, Marigat, Ng’ambo, Salabani and Ilng’arua.