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Of MCP’s botched and hoodwinking primary elections; Is isn’t towards death bed?

By Falles Kamanga

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) on going primary elections have been characterized by  maladministration from day one.

The continuation of electoral problems the party is entangled with is serious reflection on the quality and capacity of the oldest party’s mandate to lead Malawians in 2019.

The party has obviously been thrown into disrepute and derailed credibility of the party, National  Executive Committee (NEC) above all  the presidency.

The idea of holding primaries early was the right one the party made for better preparation of the next year’s polls.

But the path looks rosy and hoodwinking and botched as the leadership has the list of individuals in circles it needs to promote or deal with at local and national level.

All party members labeled as “NKHOLOKOLO” or labels are the many culprit of these primaries as their punishment by the party.

This is a continuation from  the party’s convention that dealt completely with rebels

In these primaries there is also  a cartel of sitting MPs led one Richard Chimwendo Banda who the National Director of youth Chilondola, Elias Chakwera and Willard Gwengwe, to do injustice to new aspirants who have clearly beat them in primaries and they are out to blatantly steal from them.

This man, Chimwendo is truly selfish and wicked to win extent that he is single-handedly destroying MCP chances of doing well in the parliamentary polls next year. Many of us in the party have tried to reason with him but he is so pompous and arrogant that he has successfully pushed us on the wayside.

The self proclaimed bulldozer has really bulldozed his way into the elections directorate despite being the youth leader.

The man who was previously our regional elections director, voluntarily stepped down to opt for the bigger position at a national level but would still not want to take leave of his former office.

He is up and down every day fanning violence and putting MCP in bad publicity on a daily basis with his evil handling of the primary elections.

He is the only party official who is assigning himself daily errands to preside over the primaries. But almost everywhere he has gone there has been controversies. He is using this process to deal with his political threats and favouring his friends and sponsors. He can even call off a primary election mid way upon noting that his friends are losing.

Because of his bad attitude and temper, both the regional and national directors of elections are not able to tame his lavish ego. He has made himself incharge of the rigging team together with Hon Ezekiel Ching’oma.

No wonder Chimwendo constituency was the very first to hold primaries without any notice to his challengers. That’s how evil he is. The case is currently in court. The aspirants in his constituency were only told of the elections just a day before the polls. What a coward!

Below is just a sample of his many botched up primaries he has presided over:

1. He presided over the primaries in Dedza north. This is the constituency of the regional chairmen whom he had to protect at all cost. Upon noting that his master was very unpopular to real party delegates who wanted Savel Kafwafwa. He barred them all and instead allowed the RC to bring non party delegates on the queue. This did not please the bona-fide MCP members and went on rampage vandalising his car and house. Chimwendo was behind all this mayhem because of his arrogant stance against a peaceful process.

2. Chimwendo refused to preside over over the botched up primaries in Dowa Ngala simply because Arthur Sunrise is his pal in the Youth Directorate. This is a constituency of the National elections director.He influenced crooky Peter Chalera to do his job. Meanwhile,inside source have revealed that Chakwera will be crowned winner without an opposer after disqualifying Sungitsa who has stood his ground and poised to win the constituency even if it means standing on an independent ticket.

3. Chimwendo cancelled the primaries any the eleventh hour in Lilongwe Msinja North constituency of his rigging peer Chalera after carefully observing that the ground was in favour of an aspirant Edgar Chipalanjira. This he did without convincing reasons but everyone knows he simply wanted to protect his fellow.

4. Chimwendo can even handle two primaries in a single day just to accomplish his evil mission. This other day he went to Dedza to promote his two friends Ishmael Onani and Bon Malunga. In Dedza South he and his team successfully created an intimidating atmosphere for those who were against Onani though he won. But Chimwendo and crew quickly drove to Dedza central east where their mission was implemented. They went their to support Malunga who was losing the election. Actually he finished 3rd. But Chimwendo simply cancelled the election on flimsy grounds calling for a rerun in order to advantage his loser friend. And indeed he has won the re-run yesterday after corrupting the constituency membership and instilling fear in supporters of the aspirants.

5. Chimwendo yesterday went to Mchinji East with one purpose: To support his long time financier Maxwell Chimkokomo. And indeed after seeing that his buddy was a distant fourth, Chimwendo swiftly called off the primary. This was just yesterday. On first position was Kayo.

This is just a small sample of how Chimwendo is destroying the whole process. Just this session, he has already been to about 10 constituencies when other NEC haven’t presided over even one ward.

Just to  add more, the Chiphiko/Nancy elections which were clearly won by popular Nancy Tembo. But the Presiding Officer, Abraham Liwinde  twisted numbers for Chiphiko because he had earlier been corrupted by Chiphiko with huge some of money .

The corruption took place at the Woodlands Hotel in City Centre. Rhino Chiphiko was accompanied by Mr Chipuwa to the corruption venue.

The bribe was shared with Richard Chimwendo, Abraham and other guys.

The guys had a party sort of at the said venue till wee hours celebrating THIEVING OF VOTES.

Another instance worth noting is where,  Boniface Kadzamila is going alone to preside over other primaries including in  Hon Chinkhondo’s Area. No NEC member nor observer accompanies him. Is this democracy the MCP way?

INTERESTINGLY, in all this, the President is so quite and a dead stone, not even commenting all intervening despite his full knowledge of the happenings. He is known to fear his sitting MPs.

The truth within the party is that the MCP sitting MPs are stronger than the docile Chakwera.

Chakwera fails to condemn any unruly behaviour and always hopes problems will just vanish away on their own. In public he speaks as someone who is in charge yet he is not.

This is the party that wants to paint themselves as angels of hope when they are crooks, thieves to the bone.


In light of the above we calling for the immediate resignation of the entire Elections Directorate and their function reverted to the Presidency.