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Richards Bay –  A teacher from Umdlamfe Secondary School in Esikhawini‚ Richards Bay, who is alleged to have caned female pupils in a video that has since gone viral, was served a letter of suspension on Tuesday morning.

The KwaZulu-Natal education department’s Kwazi Mthethwa told News24 that corporal punishment was abolished 20 years ago, adding that it was against the law, Constitution and South African Schools Act.

“As a department, we are not going to waste time. He is going to be suspended to protect learners and to send a strong message to other educators that think that it’s okay to abuse and attack defenceless learners,” he said.

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Mthethwa said that a medical examination had to be done to determine the extent of injuries suffered by one of the pupils. He said support would be provided to the pupil, with the department working closely with the Department of Social Development.

“We know some teachers are hiding because not all learners are fortunate enough to have their ordeal documented. We are on their heels. But it must also be stressed that not all teachers are bad,” said Mthethwa.

In the video‚ which appears to be filmed by a pupil‚ a girl is heard screaming and crying as she is hit repeatedly with a cane.

The rest of the class watches the abuse‚ with some openly laughing‚ while another pupil is busy writing on the chalkboard.

The teacher then moves to another female pupil and grabs her. The pupil pushes at him and the teacher then lashes out repeatedly at her. The girl screams and eventually manages to leave the classroom crying.