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Cape Town – Minister of Women in the Presidency Susan Shabangu said she was satisfied that the law will take its course in the respective cases of former deputy minister Mdu Manana and that of Zimbabwean first lady Grace Mugabe.

Shabangu answered questions on Thursday in a heated session of the National Council of Provinces, where DA leader in the NCOP Cathy Labuschagne was expelled after she refused to withdraw her dissatisfaction with Shabangu’s response to her.

While asking Shabangu a question, Labuschagne asked Shabangu if she was listening to her, according to Labuschagne.

Shabangu said “Not to you,” but Shabangu said she said, “Continue”.

Shabangu was vociferously heckled by the opposition while answering questions on Manana and Mugabe.

Asked if Manana should face jail time for the assault of a young woman to which he has since pleaded guilty, Shabangu said South Africa’s laws are sufficient to deal with “whoever commits violence in our country”.

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She said Manana was in court the day before and the law must take its course.

“I am satisfied that Manana has gone through the relevant structures. It shows our justice system is working and on course,” she said.

EFF MP Brenda Mathevula referred to a statement made by Social Development Minister and leader of the ANC Women’s League Bathabile Dlamini where she said there were members in Cabinet who abused women in a manner far worse than that of Manana.

“Do you know of any government leaders abusing women?” Mathevula asked.

Collective responsibility

“I don’t have an opinion on that because you are speaking to Susan Shabangu,” Shabangu replied.

She said if any ministers were abusing women, she would expect the law to take its course as with Manana.

Asked about the granting of diplomatic immunity to Grace Mugabe, Shabangu said, like deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa in the National Assembly last week, this was done in terms of international regulations.

EFF MP Delisile Ngwenya asked if she took any steps to talk to Gabriella Engels, “who was mercilessly attacked by Grace Mugabe”.

“This matter is referred to our law enforcement agencies and must be allowed to take its course,” Shabangu answered.

“All the necessary processes are in place to ensure the matter is dealt with in our country.”

UDM MP Lennox Gaehler asked, “What is it you have done as minister when this child was assaulted by the first lady of Zimbabwe? Have you contacted the family?”

Shabangu said there is a “collective responsibility”.

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“We need to refrain from personalising these issues.

“The matter has been processed. Minister [of police Fikile] Mbalula dealt with it.”

She added that the matter is before the court.

“I still say it is sub judice.”