Main Menu | Club 'takeovers' and murders – the lead up to the latest underworld shooting

Cape Town – Ructions in the club security scene in Johannesburg have played out in the week running up to alleged Sexy Boys gangster Jerome “Donkie” Booysen again being shot at on Wednesday.

News24 can reveal that after two groups of men clashed at Emperors Palace Casino in Kempton Park late on Thursday, September 7, several moves were made to apparently take over the security of certain Johannesburg clubs.

According to several sources with close knowledge of the matter, controversial businessman Nafiz Modack headed the actions to take over certain bouncer operations in Johannesburg. He was also said to be creating a security company there.

News24 was supplied with photographs of Modack outside some clubs. 

(Picture: Supplied)

Photographs of Modack posing with firearms were also sent to News24, along with one of him standing outside what appears to be a bullet proof vehicle.

Modack was also said to have been involved in last week’s Emperors Palace skirmish, which one source said had to do with a R50 000 debt.

On Thursday, asked if he had been involved in the Emperors Palace incident and the takeover of club security in Johannesburg, Modack initially said: “No comment.”                        

He later sent a text saying:”We out numbered their VIP protection security at emperors.” 

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Orchestrated takeover

Modack is said to be heading a newer faction taking over club security from a more established grouping. 

Individuals linked to both groupings have said they are intent on ridding clubs of drugs.

However, several sources with intimate knowledge of the matter have questioned whether the club security takeover may actually be orchestrated by informants to mask other illicit activities.

The takeover has resulted in several violent incidents in both Cape Town and Johannesburg.

It has also sparked several shootings.

Booysen, who four years ago was named as head of the Sexy Boys gang during a court case, was shot at while in a vehicle in Bellville South on Wednesday.

Police confirmed an attempted murder case was under investigation.


On May 8, Booysen was also wounded in a shooting in Elsies River.

Sources said he had been on his way to visit another man, who was also shot, in the Cravenby area.

The shooting on Wednesday comes after convicted international steroid smuggling kingpin Brian Wainstein was killed in his Constantia home on August 18.

Wainstein was at one stage on Interpol’s wanted list and previously found guilty in Ireland for selling illicit steroids worldwide.

He was shot in bed alongside his young child and wife, but they were not wounded.

Wainstein’s murder was viewed as a hit. Several sources said he was targeted as retaliation for the shooting on alleged 28s gangster Ralph Stanfield.

However, this has not been officially confirmed.

Stanfield was wounded in a drive-by shooting in Melrose, Johannesburg, on July 6. 

It is understood the gunmen in the matter is yet to be arrested.