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Mushohwe warns China-bound students on social media use

Minister Mushohwe

Fidelis Munyoro Chief Reporter
Information, Media and Broadcasting Services Minister Dr Christopher Mushohwe has warned students going to study in China of the strict rules against social media surfing obtaining in that country and that they should behave.

The country has no Internet privacy. Posts are easily traceable. Addressing 49 students selected to undertake undergraduate studies at Ocean University in China, Minister Mushohwe implored them to obey that country’s laws and the university’s rules.

He said China has a population of more than 1,4 billion with over 700 million nationals hooked on the Internet. “Unfortunately, for you, you are not like students, who go to countries like South Africa and other countries,” said Minister Mushohwe. “China is a much disciplined country. You will never find one small stupid item on the social media in China. It is not possible.

“It is not possible that you can read anything on social media, which will talk ill of the Chinese leadership, even newspapers will not write negative things about the leadership.”

The minister said China has many students studying abroad, but when they are back in their country they adhere to their values. “That is how patriotic the Chinese are,” said Minister Mushohwe.

He said the situation was totally different in Zimbabwe where the social media was giving him serious headaches as the responsible authority of the sector.

“In Zimbabwe we have serious problems with social media, but we have not more than 1,5 million people hooked on the Internet as opposed to more than 700 million in China,” he said.

“We get serious headaches and for me, who is responsible for the ministry, you can imagine my problems.” He said almost on daily basis he receives complaints from people, who would be abused on the social media. “Please I know that you are very active on social media,” he said.

“They do not apply in China. Do not make the mistake of uploading things that are not acceptable in China. If you write things that are not acceptable China system will pick every little things you put on your social media platform”

“Some are misbehaving. Vanofamba vakapfeka mabhurukwa akarembedzwa seasina chiuno. Ku China hazviitwe izvozvo. Vanopfeka kusvika kunoperera pakanotangira hazviitwe kuChina.”

Minister Mushohwe also warned those applying for scholarship to avoid middle persons, who take advantage of desperate students to swindle them of their hard earned cash lying that they can secure scholarships for them.

“The only people, who are responsible for this programme is me and the President. Only the two of us.”

He said the selection was transparent and people should apply for scholarships by following the proper procedure as stated in the advertisement flighted in the Press.