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Mr President Chakwera, don’t treat DPP colonies with kid gloves

Chakwera, new Malawi leader

By Kelvin Sulugwe

Now that Dr Lazarus Chakwera and Dr Saulos Chilima you have taken the reigns of power from ousted Peter Mutharika of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) cleansing has to start not later.

Lets look at this with a non-spiritual eye

In 2012 when Joyce Banda (JB) with Peoples Party (PP) came to power following the death of Bingu Wa Mutharika, she treated DPP thugs with kid gloves.

JB was quick to forgive thugs and maintained them in key positions. As a result, the system injected by DPP exposed and overpowered her. Rest is as they say, history.

What DPP does is, when they smell power slipping through their fingers, they put people in various key positions and steal enough to sponsor their comeback. They have done the same.

They have piles of dollars, Kwachas you name it. They will use this same money to start exposing loopholes that they left, only that they attribute this to the new government – remember cashgate.

The people they have left in key positions will act as spies to take out serious information which they share with the media and slowly begin to paint a corrupt picture of the government.

Joyce Banda suffered this they even nicknamed her ‘Cashgate Queen’ and up to day, people still think cashgate was started by JB.

Do not treat these thugs with kid gloves. Lets save ourselves. It will be an error to appoint new people in position before auditing and cleansing is done. It might be on their hands and slowly, people will think its the new government that’s corrupt.

Set up a taskforce at the Malawi Police, involve special auditors, empower ACB and constitute a special crimes and corruption court.

Let these task forces clean all parastatals, capital hill and the start house then immediately work on the whole system to avoid history repeating again.

If people are not arrested now only to he arrested a year or few months before next election, it will look like political witch-hunting. Ndi zija JB anawamanga athuwa nthawi itatha kale, what happened, she provoked a street reaction.

Iphani moyang’ana nkhope. Aliyese zitamukhudze akalowe and I would love if we can dedicated Chitipa or Likoma Island prison for all convicts related to corruption.

Asakhalebso ndende zakufupi ndi anthu awo they may start plotting a comeback from there.

Let these prisons be guarded by Malawi Army.

Azidya kamodzi patsiku, phala la deya basi.

DISCLAIMER: The views expressed in this article are the writer’s, they do not reflect the views of The Maravi Post.

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