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Moses, Tell Them to Keep on Going; COVID-19 vs Malawi

Malawi COVID-19 on 08/27/2020

Written by Paul India C

One cannot fail to attest as to how the Covid-19 swat has knocked us flat on our bellies. The pandemic has managed to press the pause button to almost everything that requires people gathering. In the busy battlefield countries have taken serious measures that include masks being mandatory, washing hands and partial or full lockdown.

To the surprise of many or few, these measures have not yielded the required results as the numbers continue to rise. Daily updates still flow and one turn to wonder as to what happened to the theories implemented by science especially in epidemiology where sampling is mostly used, and conclusion are based on induction, where a specific observation applies to the general organisms.

Now that the Covid-19, pandemic is still around. The question that is roaming in my mind is Malawi planning on how to recover from the effects of Covid-19. This is in line with economic, social, and cultural effects. Let us be honest we have all fallen back a step or two and it is on an individual level, then family, then community and so on till the country embraces these effects.

Economically we know that the GDP is going to be low as estimated by economists to at least -3%. This is something that we all have to worry as it simply means more borrowing for country’s budget. Adding to this we know Malawi has undergone a great money laundering surgery that has rendered her anemic and this is like a double blow to the economy wound. How is Malawi going to recover? We hope there are solutions to that too. I am sure that proper planning is a must as we cannot bare to have people quoting covid-19 saga as the sore cause of many failures.

Socially there have been already a disaster with many girls falling pregnant, drug abuse and immorality on the rise among the youth, who are the future of the country. This poses another challenge as Covid-19 in my opinion was just a problem that has tested our abilities to survive hard times. Self-control and decision making in the shadow of COVID-19 were basics. One can say yes but schools were closed and idleness was forcing them to engage in sexual practices, drug abuse etc. well, to some extent that is true but I don’t think the numbers booming up could all be attributed to Covid-19 only. We as a society had our cards to play.

On top of that we cannot fail to notice the disturbed minds roaming in our societies simply because of the unlimited information accessed which may either be true or false. The updates too are doing their part in bringing hysteria in many of us. The fear and the depression are causing more harm than what is necessary.

In my opinion I can say that the government has not shown something unique that is sorely from our own think tanks apart from the copy and paste methods that have already failed not only in Malawi but even in Africa and the other continents as well.

Now after doing everything, praying and all sorts of implemented measures. We see now that the disease is not going nowhere. Malawi has registered less than 5000 cases out of 40,000 tests. Malawi has a population of about 18 million plus and let us be honest the numbers of the positive cases are not the truth on the ground.

What is next for Malawi?

This question reminded me of two stories fundamental in religious circles. One of Moses and the Israelite’s and the other one of Prophet Muhammad journey from Mecca to Medina (the city of the prophet). All these religious icons have one thing in common. They were all challenged and being on the same sport could not have helped Israelites out of the slavery in Egypt nor could it have helped the existence of Islam had it been that Prophet Muhammad did not move from Mecca to Medina after denouncing those who enjoyed the kabba benefits.

Press Briefing by Presidential taskforce on Covid-19

The Task Force for me was not supposed to be idle and just pressing the control and C button, then highlight and then control and P. With schools and other businesses closed for over five months in the name of covid-19 threat, on the ground it has been zero implementation. We see people moving up and down markets. An idol mind is the devil’s workshop and it has been manifested in the form of early pregnancies, drug abuse and immorality on the rise. What are the solutions to these? With the recent announcements of schools to be opened we see many coming up with arguments to say no schools should not open as it is not safe. Well are the children safe in our households. Are they practicing social distance? Are they confined to our homes? Are parents not moving up and down? Are they fully practicing the covid-19 measures?

Sometimes it is good to stop and ask us to challenge questions. Are we safe stopping or we should keep going? One could say but we have to keep going when it is safe, yes but will it be safe? We are all saying let us wait for a vaccine and then we can open schools. Wow, what a brilliant and an intellectual safety idea. Then I pose the question when will that be? Shall we assume that as a country we will stand still up to the time a vaccine is out there? Maybe. Had it been that Moses did not tell the Israelites to keep going, they could have been all dead even not one could have crossed the red sea. Had it been that Prophet Muhammad stopped and said let them come and find me, Islam could not have spread.

Malawi as a country should keep going, by saying should keep going I mean we can play it safe and move on slowly but in as far as we are moving forward that is safe. Otherwise all paused and yet there is no sign of covid-19 going anywhere is risky in itself. Those who are saying we wait till the vaccine or until it is safe, what are they doing to make it safe? What if safe is not going to be there at their projected time? Malawi keep moving, otherwise embrace the long-term effects of stopping for so long, when a slow movement could have saved nine.


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