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Masinga MP under fire for approving new Sh26m CDF office

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The construction of a Sh26 million Constituency Development Fund office in Masinga, Machakos County, has angered residents who say it is a waste of resources.

Those in the Masinga Professional Association said there was no public participation and that there are more pressing matters such as road construction and the allocation of bursaries to needy students.

Masinga member of parliament Joshua Mwalyo defended the decision, saying the CDF office built by his predecessor Itwiku Mbai was “substandard”.

“The new office is my decision [sic]. I am the now the holder of the Masinga seat … I run it with my best ideas,” Mr Mwalyo said in a WhatsApp group.

“The office which was constructed by Itwiku does not meet the standards of the National Government-CDF. It is like a classroom which cannot be acceptable in my reign. We cannot distribute so much money while in such an office.”

He added that pubic participation is only for public infrastructure, not administration matters.

“You decide what office to work in. Even when ministers are appointed they change the faces of their offices by way of new fittings and renovations, “he explained.

Residents dismissed Mr Mwalyo and accused him of being arrogant.

“It is our right to demand accountability. We have the capacity to ask the EACC to investigate the use of the NG-CDF. It cannot be ‘I will do what I want. I am the boss’,” said one Dr John Musingi.

Dr Musingi also took issue with the appointment of a civil servant to chair the CDF board.

One Mr Kaveva said the construction of the office must be stopped as tenders were not properly advertised.

A tender notice in one of the dailies showed that the committee advertised the construction and supply of furniture for a new office in one tender.

Despite the complaints, trucks have delivered materials to the site.