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Malawi’s sensational musician Patience Namadingo,a rare human being

Namadingo standing for charity

MZUZU-(MaraviPost)-Since the year Patience Namadingo made a name through music, he has continuously kept his fame clean and spreading like bush fire in summer.

Starting his music career as a gospel artist, Namadingo did not only become a household name because of doing gospel music, but also because the young artist proved to be a rare breed insofar as talent was concerned.

Over the years the artist has proven to remain true to music by polishing his talent which has seen him rising to stardom more swiftly probably than many other musicians.

Lately, Namadingo seemed to be taking a sharp corner from being known as a gospel artist to just a general musician and things still worked for him.

Unlike other musicians who lose a fan base upon showing different colours of music (either from secular to gospel or the other way round), Namadingo’s fame and fan base have remained intact; probably because his musical talent is so rare!

Needless to say, such a decision seemed to have earned him some amount of dishonour from other quoters of the public for he was regarded as a prodigal son.

At the peak of his career, the artist has further proven to be a selfless personality through caring for others by sharing part of his opportunities with them.

As the Bible says, givers never lack; Namadingo’s dish of opportunities has always overflown and that has softened his heart of giving to others even more!

Young as he is, Namadingo is never short of innovative ideas. No wonder, FDH Bank, one of the leading commercial banks in the country, identified him as a brand ambassador.

By doing so, FDH knew it was going to market its products and service easily through him; realise more profits and increase its clientele through at the same time.

More so, Namadingo proved his uniqueness in the music industry by introducing a re-do of songs already done by legendary artists in Malawi; such as Lucius Banda, Billy Kaunda, the Black Missionaries and Giddes Chalamanda.

The fusion which he called mash ups revealed the rare species in him and distended his fan bade even wider.

His association with the age old Chalamanda was a way of transforming the oldest music legend’s wellbeing as he is currently going numerous financial challenges; particularly due to reaching an inactive age.

During one of their interactions, Namadingo was heard telling Uncle Giddes that FDH had decided to uplift his life by opening up a grocery shop for him so as to give him a life changing opportunity that would be bringing him some returns at the end of the day. That in its own right, speaks volumes of Namadingo’s sense of initiating a program in order to impact on other people’s lives.

Hiting the nail of his compassion was yesterday when he humbled himself to the level of a statue that stood tall without eating anything but only drinking in Blantyre just to raise MK3 million for one cancer battled William Kachigamba, his fellow artist, so that he can travel to Zambia for a medical attention.

Such a great level of humility in Namadingo is quite extraterrestrial. He announced that he was going to do the initiative so that well wishers could contribute towards the same willingly through given money transfer platforms.

It is a commendable development that Malawians, including the State President, Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera, made enormous contributions towards the initiative; but it is even more recognisable that it took Namadingo’s body, mind and soul to come up with such an innovativeness just to serve and save one soul.

This gesture by one youthful artist is worth emulating and it is a pacesetter which has to be embraced by different personalities from music, politics and other industries for the sake of love.

Above all, it is the hope of all and sundry that the proceeds realised out of the initiative will be rightfully channelled to the sick Kachigamba so he can travel and receive the most anticipated medical treatment.

May God Almighty heal Kachigamba, bless Namadingo and give him more wisdom to impact on more lives and change the nation in some indellible way!

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