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Malawi President Chakwera goofs on re-opening schools amid Covid-19 cases rise

As countries plans to reopen school

It’s just a month and weeks, Malawians entrusted President Lazarus Chakwera alongside deputy Saulos Chilima with power to govern the country after voted out former leader Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

But it seems the new leadership which raised much hope for new Malawi, is making unpopular decisions dashing people’s charisma support.

Within shortest period, Chakwera and Chilima have been in power, some decisions made are not appealing to Tonse agenda as expected including family and friends cabinet, unrealistic and hypocrisy towards Covid-19.

Despite showing the zeal to govern the nation properly, the leadership seems also be under pressure to make it right in other aspects.

For instance, Chakwera approach on Covid-19 is not promising due to questionable decisions made so far.

Firstly, the leadership imposed new Covid-19 measures without consultations that witnessed the nation not complying to them.

Despite the pandemic’s new measures imposed on people, the nation has been witnessing cabinet ministers on tours across the country coupled with press conferences with many in attendance. Isn’t this hypocrisy?

This is happening amid daily increase cases of the pandemic that as of August 15, 2020, Malawi had 5026 Covid-19 cases with 157 deaths.

With Covid-19 cases daily rise, President Chakwera plans to reopen schools after meeting private school owners.

Since the pandemic hit Malawi, cases have been rising despite numerous huge some of money pumped into health sector. Are resources properly used?

Chakwera must take time before reopening schools.

In countries where have reopened schools, cases of Covid-19 have escalated than before.

For instance, barely two weeks of opening schools in United States 95000 students were infected with Covid-19. Is your (Mr President) Education Advisor aware of this?

Schools ware opened and closed in South Africa, possibly now opened due to covid19. Is your (Mr President) advisor aware of this?

Covid19 escalated in Israel as schools were opened.

Schools are open in Tanzania and media houses are banned to cover Covid-19 related news. Will this happen here?

Who is behind the pressure Mr President? Are they donors, private school owners or parents?

If care is not taken and blizzard to please some it will backfire. We will be reliable of anything.

Households, teachers , students and among others will be victims.

Are our hospitals ready to accommodate the mass in case the pandemic escalates?

Truth be told, President Chakwera has goofed big time. The issue of opening schools could have come from healthy experts.

The President could have request a meeting with the convid-19 committee to a round-table for possible opening of schools in September.

Let’s follow procedures first. We were supposed to start with college students then form 4 and lastly Standard eight classes for examination thereafter the rest will follow.

The truth be told that Malawi schools can not accommodate learners at the same time over Covid-19.

Listen and listen, Good, Mr President Chakwera!!

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