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Malawi fresh presidential elections;Atupele Muluzi must stop using Muslims for Mutharika’s bid

Atupele Muluzi

By Nenenji Mlangeni

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)-only a month remains before Malawians go to pols to choose a new leader on July 2, 2020 following Constitutional Court (ConCourt)’ February 3, 2020 nullification of May 21, 2019 polls.

Politicians including Atupele Muluzi, President Peter Mutharika’s Democratic Progressive Party (DPP)-UDF alliance runningmate is giving the public raw deals ahead of the polls.

Atupele is using Muslims or Islamic region to win support from electorates for Mutharika bid.

For instance on Monday, the junior Muluzi was in Mangochi telling that public that some opposition parties in central region do not care about Muslims hence no need to give then a vote.

Atupele is however do not have enough information when articulating messages to the public.

Firstly, he stated that one of the police officers who fell victim of the Msundwe riot was Sergeant Imedi.

No he was not Sergeant Imedi. He was Superintendant Imedi.

The ranks, from junior to senior, at Malawi Police Service go like this: Constable, Sergeant, Sub Inspector, Inspector, Assistant Superintendent then Superintendent…

Thus there are three ranks in between for a Sergeant to get to a Superintendant.

Atupele Muluzi claims that the rioters said: oh, uyu ndi Msilamu waku Mangochi basi nkumupha pompo (This Muslim is from Mangochi then kill him).

Superintendant Imedi was in his duty uniform (police uniform) which did not, and does not, have information about his religion or place of origin.

Atupele Muluzi is simply demonstrating a serial liar whom he is.

Does he know that there were two police officers who were lynched by the rioters at Msundwe and that the other one was coming from Lilongwe(not Mangochi) and was not a Muslim?

Does he know that Issa Njaunju was a devout Muslim?

Does he know that Kalonga Stambuli who was murdered in his bedroom by Atupele’s father’s regime was a Muslim?

Does he know that Mcdonald Masambuka, the albino who was murdered and chopped of his parts by DPP regime was a Muslim?

Does he know the family that was burnt in their place of stay (the Tambala family) in Area 24 by DPP thugs was a Muslim family? The mother, the father and one child died leaving behind orphaned 3 kids who are also Muslims.

Does Atupele imply that Muslims from Mangochi are more deserving of his concern than Muslims from other parts of this country?

Does he know that Muslims are not happy by turning their beloved Islam into a political tool of inciting division and sectoral hatred?

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