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Lamu official says few boys being enrolled in schools

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The Lamu County Education Department has raised the alarm over the poor enrolment of boys in schools, saying attention has mainly been on the learning of girls.

Lamu County Director of Education Joshua Kaaga has said that the situation is likely to contribute to increased crime rates in the region.

Speaking to the Nation in his office, Mr Kaaga said there has been a trend where most of the focus in regard to accessing education has been on girls.

According to Mr Kaaga, the entire Lamu County has very few boys secondary schools compared to those of girls.

He said it is the high time that a balance is sought in terms of infrastructural development in schools so that both the girls and boys have equal opportunities in education.


“I have observed a trend which is affecting not only Lamu but the entire country where most of the education campaigns are concentrated on the girl-child while the boy-child is being forgotten. In Lamu for instance, we only have Mpeketoni and Lamu Boys secondary schools. That means more effort is needed to ensure the boys also have proper amenities for learning. If we continue forgetting the boy child particularly in this region, there is a likelihood of increased crime rates in the coming days,” said Mr Kaaga.


He said that serious measures must be taken to encourage boys to stay in school so that the low education standards across Lamu County can be elevated.

“The education of the girl child has greatly improved. I can attest that a huge number of girls now go to school as compared to boys. There is, therefore, need for the same focus to be turned to the boys so that all the children can get an equal shot at education,” he said.

Meanwhile, Lamu County Commissioner Irungu Macharia has said that children of school going age who be found loitering on the streets during school days will be arrested and their parents charged.


Speaking during an education symposium in Lamu town on Wednesday, Mr Macharia said this is meant to ensure parents and children in the region develop a positive mentality towards education.

He insisted that the action will also help parents and children to take education seriously.

He said by offering free primary school education, the government is keen to ensure all children get a chance to learn without hindrances.

“I have instructed enforcement officers to handle cases of failure by parents to send their children to school with the seriousness they deserve. I also urge residents here to report any cases of child exploitation to law enforcement agencies for action,” said Mr Macharia.