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Juma Commendes Media Houses That have implémented COVID-19 measurements

Minister of Health who is also Co-Chairperson for the Presidential Taskforce on COVID-19 Khumbize Chiponda

14th August, 2020: The Journalists Union of Malawi (JUMA) would like to applaud media houses that have put in place Covid-19 preventative and management measures to protect their workers and stakeholders from the pandemic that has caused massive social and economic disruptions.

Malawi is already vulnerable to income and dignity reducing shocks. The emergence of COVID-19 has, therefore, caused panic and forced workplace management to make hasty decisions that have ended up affecting the welfare of workers including journalists.

JUMA has sadly noticed that most of the Malawian workforce including journalists, public and private sector officials lack adequate social security systems against work-related vulnerabilities that require pension, health and disability insurance.

Malawi’s social protection system falls short of the ILO Convention 102 and Social Protection Floor (Recommendation 202) guarantees of health care access and income security whose key principle demand universal provision by the state and its social partners (workers and employers).

As a union, JUMA, observes that despite developing the Malawi National Social Support Policy and Malawi National Social Support Programme as building blocks for a comprehensive social protection system in line with the ILO Social Protection Floors Recommendation, 2012 (No. 202), the lack of social protection regulations remain one of the most challenging decent work deficient in Malawi.

It is against this background that JUMA implores media managers to consider providing journalists with Covid-19 risk allowances, personal protective equipment and economically cushion those on isolation.

We also ask government to ratify ILO Social Security Convention (102) which inspires nations to provide access to medical care and contingency benefits for employment induced sickness and injury, invalidity, family and survivors after death.

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