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“It was The Holy Spirit”- Spanish pregnant Nun shares shocking revelation

A nun from the Monastery of Las Rosalinas in Valladolid (Spain), 29 years old, caused a revolution when she said she was 3 months pregnant.

She didn’t admit that she had sex with a priest or visitor to the monastery.

She said that the child has grown magically in her womb, and without sex.

“I don’t want to offend anybody, but it had to be the Holy Spirit, there is no other explanation because I’ve never had sex with a man. The holy spirit visited me in my dreams and fertilized me. I am not saying that I am the new Virgin Mary, that would be a sin of vanity.”she confesses as quoted in

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At the Vatican, Rome, they are skeptical of these claims, and they are investigating about it. The first suspect is the baker, who visits the monastery and carries the bread every morning.

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They are skeptical of claims that it was the Holy spirit? Even when they’ve created an entire religion around the same exact thing.