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Intensive military build up ahead of Thursday’s South Africa 21 day lockdown on Covid-19

PRETORIA-(MaraviPost)-Today marked the 709 case of Covid19 in South Africa, this number jumped up by 209 from the day before of just over 500 cases.

Across the 9 provinces of South Africa earlier this afternoon witnessed the massive deployment of military personnel ahead of the 21- day Lockdown which comes into effect at 00:00 Central African Time (CAT) Thursday night.

Large columns of armored personnel carriers, tanks flanked by helicopters were seen mobilizing in all provinces of South Africa.

It was confirmed in an earlier news briefing acting chief of the army, Brig Gen Mannetijes de Goede gave instruction to all active military personnel to be ready for the 21-day lockdown imposed by President Cyril Ramaphosa in the wake of Covid19.

It is not clear what the Lockdown will entail, Document material released by government has indicated that the military was to assist the police for the duration of the lockdown.

No one is certain if this will entail a curfew in the evening.

The guidelines which most South Africans were concerned with were related to essential services readily available, at this point Government has assured the public that essential services will be operational, medical care, shops supplying necessities will be available.

Telecommunications will be a key essential service providing data and cellular services to people working from home.

The Rapid Deployment Force (RDF) was seen in action and will facilitate many services to the poor and homeless by providing temporary shelter and meals while also assisting with healthcare as well as securing the country during its vulnerable state.

South Africa spent approximately R35 Million rand this week repairing the and erecting the border fence between South Africa and Zimbabwe. To stem the spread of Covid19.

South Africans born after 1994 after the demise of Apartheid have never witnessed the military amidst civilians.

Speaking to a few “Born Frees” a term often used to denote those born after 1994 and it quickly apparent they are afraid, not only witnessing the military build up but what restrictions will be imposed on their freedom as guaranteed by the South African constitution.

The military moving into civilian areas was last witnessed in the dark days of apartheid, 26 years later the military is back only this time in a humanitarian role.

WhatsApp and social media were abuzz with photos taken by people during the day, some were afraid other looked on in amazement.

On wednesday South African scientists were working on what could possibly be a breakthrough, but its too early to speculate as this virus mutates at an alarming rate.

After speaking to various people, one thing is apparent, South Africa remains united and resilient and hopeful that this situation will soon pass by.

All South African citizens have vowed to keep the curve of the Covid19 graph down in continue its fight against the spread of Covid19.

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