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Important facts Malawi FA’s 38 affiliates need know about Walter Nyamilandu

Walter Nyamilandu clinging to power

By Yamikani Nicholas Kachingwe and Wondeŕful Mkhutche

As we are all aware,there will be an election in December,in which 38 specific football deligates from all regions in Malawi,who run football activities will have to elect a new fam president,who will run a term of 5 years.

These voters are called AFFILIATES.

Unfortunately, they’re picked based on their leading roles and capacities as football honchos.

The ceremony is private and discreet.

There is nothing much,the public can do to enforce their concerns,the whole final whistle is held by these affiliates.

Therefore,it’s paramount to remind them,what we football lovers and participants,we have gone through over the years.

1) Walter is a big time RENOWNED & CELEBRATED CADET,we are all cognizance with cadet’s job description,it’s Corruption,self enrichment, self-glorification, extreme failure and a lot of sweet words with 0/10 action followed.

2) Walter has held the fam Presidency since Dr Bakili Muluzi’s tenure,he needs to realize that any Organization to move forward,there is need for new leadership to come in with FRESH,VIBRANT ideas.

3)Walter is setting himself up for 2024 DPP’S vice Presidency,is no longer a secret and he has been using his position,to connect himself to DPP by enticing Bullets and Wanderers supporter’s muscle through the stadias.

4) Walter’s current political affiliations will affect his coming tenure should he win.

5)Walter needs to concetrate on his Job at Illovo,so far he has proved himself to be busy and almost of his duties as a president,he delegates to his vice, confidently! almost everything is done by his vice Mr James Mwenda.

6) Malawi football has the potential to develop.Walter has delivered to an extent and he has run dry,for the past 20 years nothing new has cropped up.

7)Walter is egotistical and works towards self aggrandizement, recently shown by changing the FIFA funded project in Chiwembe ground,which was known Mpira and now it’s “Walter Nyamilandu Academy” cosafa and fifa pumped hundreds of Millions to preserve the ground for Malawians not for his personal worth.The ground is for public consumption but he established a personal facility on a govt facility and he never asked for any authorisation or pay any tenancy fees,THIS IS TOTAL ABUSE OF POWER!

8) Walter is forever busy with his FIFA role than Fam role,it’s time he concetrate on one thing,besides that most of his colleagues who are in fifa council only few still hold positions in their country’s football bodies,another thing,whatever that is discussed,deliberated and agreed on FIFA level,he hastily implements them in Malawi without consultations with FAM chain of command,THIS IS TOTALLY CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

9)The Super league is not yet a professional league as he promised,We do not expect it to be poorly runned as it is now, knowing Walter has been around for a long time.

10) There has been less Development of football infrastructure in Malawi,Not much lobbying has been done towards this,and expect nothing peculiar as long as he is leading fam.

11) He is a man who is indecisive,in 2014 he told us,he won’t stand, therefore,we can conclude fam Presidency is his toy and pawn to stay relevant not as a patriotic duty.

12) The term of fam Presidency is with no limit,Walter is taking advantage of this and he has deliberately messed up knowing,he won’t be put under scrutiny or his position be threatened.

13) Walter has failed to groom budding talents to take over from him,he is a dictator,no wonder,there is no effectiveness in the association.He wants to be a LIFE PRESIDENT OF FAM

14) He has enriched himself so much,that he has millions to buy any vote’s price,that’s why there is a need this time around to prove him wrong,that we can’t sell the future of football game in malawi for piles of money.

15) WALTER promised us a flame that plays like Barcelona but there is no spark to that when the national team plays, generally we are going nowhere.

16) Always giving us wrong Foreign coaches,None during his tenure has taken us far,the man does not know who to hire for our football to move forward.

17) Walter undermines local coaches and he disregard them by offering them little benefits compared to other white coaches,even sponsorship deals,most black flames coaches are sidelined.

18) The flames have won nothing in his tenure,Why should we expect a miracle in his next 5 year term?

19) Walter has failed to help flames to qualify for Afcon apart from 2010 tournament,in his many years of tenures.

20) Walter has failed to win any major trophy even in this region (cosafa)

21) Walter has failed to attract major sponsors for super league apart from TNM,which is on lower side compared to what teams spend to play 28 games per season.

22) Walter has failed to introduce advanced system of gate collections,which Currently,they are many cases of fraud and losses due to the poor system in use.

23) Walter has failed miserably to improve national junior football teams

24) Walter has failed to help other teams in super league with sponsorships apart from bullets and Wanderers.

25) Walter has failed to source sponsorship cups for lower division teams.

26) Walter has failed to improve the welfare of women football and their leagues.

27) Walter has failed to groom budding women footballers by establishing leagues for them.

28) Walter has failed to buy a coaster for flames or women football team.

29) Walter has failed to utilize gate collections prudently to sponsor Foreign trips for flames or women national football team,most of the times,private companies had to come in.

30) Walter is corrupt and corruption has worsened in the game of football during his tenures.

31) Walter has helped Malawi’s position under FIFA’s ranking to be nose diving.

32) Walter has failed to build football academies in all regions of Malawi per his campaign manifesto.

33) Walter has failed to inspire football clubs to go commercial and help them to be finacially stable.

34) Walter has failed to implement fair rules and regulations of Players transfers.We have heard and seen so many wrangles by clubs on their misunderstandings about player transfers.

35)Walter has failed to keep up with current events by not noticing promising Malawian players who are outside malawi.

36) Walter has failed to raise funds to build football grounds in all regions.

37) Walter has failed to plan to tame young talents like the way it was in 60’s,70’s by running special permanent programs to recruit promising players from all schools in all regions through cups and tournaments.

38)Walter is a full time christian and evangelist but on several times,he has proved to us,he is a big time LIAR and he doesn’t fear God,such leaders are dangerous and not to be kept,recently he has lied to the nation that his position will facilitate massice improvements at Fam,which is totally false FIFA and Fan are too SEPARATE & INDEPENDENT FOOTBALL BODIES,which have different goals and aspirations. The current president of FIFA is not the current president of Italy’s national football body…so no need to vote for him coz of his FIFA position.

39)He has neglected the Northern Region Football, nothing to write home about.

40) Walter has nothing to take home,Bingu stadium was built under his tenure and it was not his Initiative.

41) Walter has failed to fight for the rights of clubs owners by pleading with govt for tax waiver.

42) Walter has no vision and dreams to improve football in Malawi,he has failed to work hand in hand with the ministry of sports to have permanent solutions to welfare of former legends or Current players in flames and women footballers.

42) Walter has failed to preserve the history of football by not documenting all major games or activities through an football archives centre, currently fam doesn’t have a YouTube channel.

43) Walter has failed to commercialize football by establishing Fam’s own TV and Radio station for source of revenues.

44) Walter is a TYRANT he has used his position to intimidate and threatened those who have different opinions and ideas from him.

45) Walter has failed to leave flames coaches to do their job,he interferes by selecting his own favorite squad to feature in international games.

46) Walter hates northerners,as he has segregated their teams from participating in tournaments like Bonanzas and International friendlies.

47) Walter has not once broken the rules of FIFA by publicaly showing his political affiliations.

48) Walter is abusive and a hater of other people’s success,he has failed to pay flames Allowances in due time and has failed to make arrangements for National teams to prepare in time.

49) Walter is a bad administrator and he has failed to sustain and maintain relationship with companies that were sponsoring football,like CHIBUKU,BP, PRESIDENTIAL CUP AND STANBIC CUP

50) Walter has clearly shown he disregards all other teams apart from bullets and Wanderers,he helped them to secure the deal from DPP.

He doesn’t care about a team in northern or central or eastern regions.

He only cares for these two teams in southern region.

Walter has money and big time MONIES and he wants to bribe all AFFILIATES for a Filth term.


WALTER wants to turn FAM into W.A.M = Walter association of Malawi.

No! Never.


The views expressed in this article are those of the author and not necessarily those of Maravi Post

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