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Global Tea and Commodities tops list of leaves buyers

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Giant tea producer and supplier, Global Tea & Commodities, is now the biggest buyer of the leaves in the world.

In recent statistics released by Tea Brokers East Africa that detailed the tea auction activities in Mombasa by December 2017, Global Tea & Commodities accounted for the lions share of purchases at the 2017 Mombasa Tea Auction, becoming the biggest buyer in the world.

The company purchased 59,883,763 kilogrammes which represented 16 per cent of Africa’s tea in 2017. It was a 2.8 million kilogramme increase after it purchased 51,593,741kg in 2016

The company which owns popular brands, Kericho Gold and Baraka Chai, inched past Cargill, which represents Unilever.
Unilever has consistently been the biggest buyer at the auction for more than 25 years.

Global Tea purchased 59.89 million kilogrammes of tea in 2017, a sharp rise from 51.6 million in 2016.

Unilever came second with 59.1 million kilogrammes in 2017, a drop from 62.3 million kilogrammes in the previous year. LAB International was third with 31.8 million and Chai Trading, an arm of Kenya Tea Development Agency came in the fourth position with 31.4 million.

Global Tea Managing Director, Fahim Ahmed, attributed the growth to diversity of their products.

He said the achievement was out of the culture of “striving for success within the organisation.”

“Nothing succeeds like success. Global Tea is blessed with the most dynamic and committed team who have performed consistently over the last 25 years and still have an appetite for more and this is attribute to their dynamism and hard work,” he said.

Kericho Gold has captured the imagination of consumers in Kenya and the East African region due to its wide range of products.

The products include Functional teas in its health and wellness range, blends of teas and herbs in the speciality range and funky flavours.

Trendy tag lines on various tea flavours like “Set the Mood and Seize the Moment” for Love Tea and “Delete, Fast Forward …. Hit Play” for Hangover Tea, used on the packaging have attracted the millennials.

The recently Launched Pyramid Silken Bags brings exquisite teas from around the world for the first time to Kenya.

It has also grown in exports with Harrods, which is the most exclusive Store in the world, being its customer, as well as major Supermarket chains in Europe and Middle East.

Even with the brisk activity that was witnessed in 2017, it did not surpass the business witnessed in 2016.

Trade variance between 2017 and 2016 showed that last year purchase dropped by 10,295,795 representing -2.52 percent.