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From colonization, Autocracy, mediocrity and now only Malawians can guarantee what kind of Government we will have

Malawi under colonial rule


We have mutedly celebrated Independence Day amidst fear of COVID-19 Pandemic which has dampened musical instruments meant to spice up the occasion.

We owe Independence to the brevity of our forefathers who fearlessly charged towards the barrel of the gun …. bows and arrows of colonial masters.

The war against colonial master’s was misconstrued to total Independence and gateway to attainment of ricjes hence overlooking the fiercest enemy in the black skin (fellow Malawians).

Colonial Masters whipped and yoked our forefathers presumably to squeeze out productivity… coincidentally this was a way of expressing supremacy of the white skin over black skin.

Kamuzu Banda: Died in 1997

After attainment of Independence in 1964, the nation went to bed hence overlooking the internal monster in the black skin that evolved into autocracy.

The pain inflicted by autocracy in the black skin necessitated the blending of Independence into freedom of expression that eventually gave birth to democracy in 1993.

Malawi former president Bakili Muluzi abandons retirement to campaign for son Atupele

In 1994, the sword of Power changed hands and the gesture signaled adaptation of change and pluralism.

Change tuned into mediocrity as hard work was traded with crookedness and no wonder vision 2020 crushed into a blank wall.

Individual survival could hardly be achieved through employment of wits and hard work but rather donning Political party regalia and the mastery in planting the seeds of hatred and castigation on Political podium.

One Party rule was tactfully reinvented into politics of cronyism and dynasty where same individuals and families have been sipping treasures by persistently will Political power.

Subsequently to 1994, taxpayers have been toiling at a reward of dilapidated public infrastructure and dwindling public service delivery system as public financial leakage became rampant.

Those who mastered the art of nursing and caressing Political mediocrity accumulated worth at the expense of hard work and professionalism.

The nation witnessed formation of laws which only worked for the weak and the poor …. governance and oversight institutions were deboned and teeth for enforcement of law and order we are subdued by the lockjaw.

In short, democracy gave birth to lawlessness, cronyism, dynasty, and Political vagaries.

The country’s judiciary has demonstrated sense of boldness by providing that Independence of Justice delivery system can reverse lawlessness that once precipitated into anarchy.

Chilima and Chakwera
First Petitioner Saulos Chilima and second Petitioner Lazarus Chakwera

The 23 June 2020 fresh Presidential Election haunted and curtailed Political dynasty which has been a thorn in the country’s democracy.

However, the nation has to be tasked to exercise remnants of Political cronyism that continue to Grace each and every Regime at the disadvantage of the marginalized society.

Political vagaries have been dining, winning, and dancing with every Political master / mistress with an eye on Public resources.

Coincidentally, the nation is again celebrating Independence from colonial masters coupled with restoration of the rule of law and curtailment of Political dynasty.

The nation should not relax as we remain with unfinished business of cracking down Political cronyism aimed at freeing hidden treasures for the disadvantaged society …….  it is a fact that worth endears personnel Manning the corridors of power.

Seizure of Political opponents’ business and employment opportunities aimed at rewarding Political surrogates and capital angels will continue to be construed as retrogressive amidst celebratory of Independence.

If firing individuals for no apparent reasons is not Political persecution, then what constitutes Political witch hunting?

Previous regimes have always opted to trade creativity with mediocrity hence leaving the duty of value addition in the hands of Political dunderheads.

Every Regime has always promised a fight against the I will of correction ……..  the fight has always been past looking instead of a mix of the past, present and the future.

We have once fallen victim of sugar-coated speeches which eventually yielded disastrous outcomes ……. we choose not to be easily brainwashed by the promised trip to the Moon for fear of hard landing.

Malawians have always been hard working and have never wanted to wrestle and scramble for leftovers …… the culture for all and unfair economic practices plummeted work into laziness.

Hard work will bear fruits if and only if tenets of equity and fairness are restored.

The fact that we need to install and instill sense of hard work should not blur our sights on the litany of Electoral promises made to the nation.

You can skirt around some electoral manifestos and yet you can hardly be run away from some clear-cut promises to the deemed promised Land.

The nation can steadily and positively move forward when we get rid of blind loyalty which unfortunately has not soared the educated elite of the society … politicians have opted to use the educated elite of the society as a springboard to trampling upon the poor .

The musical tone on the need to get rid of regionalism and tribalism has been overplayed and apparently what initially appeared as ‘ Victory for all ‘ on 23 June 2020 is gradually turning into victory against particular region and tribe.

The prima – face of every Political Speech is always powerful to Political colonies and yet uninspiring to a commoner ……  the greatest fear to the commoner is that you are carrying the biggest Political baggage that will surely be supported by the weakest economy.

You have the biggest task of rewarding Political surrogates and capital angels …….. unfortunately, your success story will be determined by handling of Political surrogates and capital angels amidst your thrones.

The shedding off of power of the Presidency will be incomplete without trimming cash and non-cash benefits …… power and worth are inseparable on the sights of the disadvantaged society.

The Political Alliance forged for Political Development will stand against times and any Political reunion based on short term self-interest is bound to crumble.

The only Political Alliance which will last is the one formulated with the poor and the marginalized society at heart as such Group of people recognize that hard work pays as opposed to Political surrogates who call it time to harvest.

The moment a Politician grabs 100 jobs to reward Political surrogates , it does not imply that 100 employment opportunities have been created as this translates to work done …… it is only creativity and innovation that will inspire hope to Malawians seemingly heading to uncharted territory.

The moment the existing business are squeezed for no apparent reason, the further unemployment rate you contribute.

The nation is in rubbles not just because of past financial mismanagement but rather coupled with Demonstrations which helped to further ruin the already dilapidated infrastructure ……  the inaugural speech has fallen short on how Public infrastructure which was looted and vandalized during Demonstrations will be restored.

The inaugural speech is falling short of hope for person’s who might have lost property and business during Political unrest ……. Political surrogates under the current Regime were partly to the ugly scenes.

The inaugural speech has praised the country’s security system and yet has fallen short of consoling families who lost lives during Political pandemonium …… surprisingly , you have fallen in love with the same police you opted to victimize without extending apology.

The unification of the nation will not only hinge on the crafting of the inaugural speech but rather carrying out Postmortem on the rabid Political behavior displayed to the nation subsequently to the 21 May 2019 Tripartite Elections.

It will go in canal of the country’s history that fraudulent Presidential candidates featured on 23 June 2020 and yet we opted to pay a blind eye because of conflict of interest ….  Victory is sweet and becomes sweeter when triumphantly achieved on equal footing.

MMD had written MEC on 26 May 2020 (we had on record stamped copy) and the submission on 24 June 2020 was merely a follow up (this was duly referred to in the letter).

Upon gaining sobriety, objective minds will come to conclusion that we witnessed a political rape for the sake of satisfying hunger for Presidency.

Anything minus reconstruction of the candidature could not have given an outright winner on the 23rd June 2020 Fresh Presidential Election.

The originating cause of the candidature was the country ‘s supreme Court of Appeals and it could be prudent to call the same for duty aimed at digging the spirit behind the directives.

The nation has to be prayerful for the fear of God is the begging of wisdom and yet we have to remain vigilant and resist to be blindfolded by Political hypocrisy ……. rats seeking refuge under the crevices of the cathedral have always been treated as enemies as we consciously draw a line between gracing the isle of the church and being prayerful.

The nation is patiently watching as you enjoy free Political tokens and you will shortly be called to duty when empty speeches will not suffice.

It is only through change of Personnel coupled with love, tolerance and co-existence that will lead to the attachment and realization of National Transaction 2063.

Sovereignty failing short of the rule of law is devoid of what constitutes a complete package of Independence …… Selective Justice is a recipe to continued lawlessness.

Let the 56th year of Independence translates into social and economic development.

The Nation should strive to achieve social and economic development amidst COVID-19 induced economic downturn.

Kind regards and stay blessed,

PETER DSD KUWANI – MMD National President.

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