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Election exploits of chief cadets Nyamilandu, Issa, et al in Shire Valley

Written by Innocencia Chikuse

Nyamilandu and his team

Information trickling in indicates how determined Football Association of Malawi (FAM) President Walter Nyamilandu who is also one of the chief supporters of the now infamous Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) coordinated with other senior cadets, as supporters of DPP are fondly called, to manipulate voters in the shire valley.

Nyamilandu aided by Rias and Razak Issa who are cousins to MCP Deputy President Sidik Mia and others including Ben Phiri, James Chuma, Leston Mulli, Salim Bagus, Francis Kansaira and Nicholas Dausi invaded the shire valley and dished out MK100, 000 each to Traditional Leaders in Villages and told them to tell their subjects not to allow government to go to central region by voting for Malawi Congress Party (MCP).

“These cadets distributed goods from Rab Processors. They systematically met with group village heads at the Issas residence and dished out more cash to them. They went into the nooks and crannies of villages even in remote areas and spread lies telling the village headmen that the Mia’s are hated by MCP after all they had done and resources they spent on MCP,” said a source privy to the issue.

“They also lied to the people that they have their cotton money never paid to them if they vote for Malawi Congress Party,” the source said.

He added:

“This group of thugs even went as far as showing video clip of Hon. Peter Dimba supporting Saulos Chilima as the preferred running mate. If that wasn’t enough they even took MARDEF loans of K600, 000 and gave to various people and K1.5 million to 25 people.”

Our publication has learnt that there is deep rooted hatred of the Issa’s against the Mia’s. The beef, according to sources, has been there for years and the Issa’s were very much against the Mia joining MCP.

“They have in the last 4 years done everything possible to bring down the Mia’s….there is a deep dark jealousy which is deep rooted for Hon. Sidik Mia popularly known as Mbuya,” Further said our source.

Political commentators’ project that MCP will grow stronger in the Shire Valley now that DPP is out of government.

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