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Driver in Cuban doctors' abduction case never tried to escape, court told

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An investigator has told a court that the driver of the two Cuban doctors, who were kidnapped in Mandera early this year, never attempted to manoeuvre or escape when the assailants attacked them.

Mr Arphaxad Nguka a forensic detective, said the wheels of the vehicle the doctors and their guards were using remained straight on the road.

“This is a sign that the driver never attempted to escape because the tyres would be facing either side if he had tried,” he said.


Mr Nguka said from his analysis after reconstructing and recreating the scene of crime, it was clear there was enough space for the accused driver to attempt escaping from their attackers.

“There was enough space on either side of the road for the driver of the double cabin pickup to escape but he never attempted to utilise that space,” said Mr Nguka.


The expert said the shooting at the scene aimed at a specific target which was the passenger in the co-driver’s seat.

“At least five bullets aimed at the co-driver seat meaning the assailants knew there target after being informed because it was difficult to tell who was seated where in that vehicle as it was tinted,” he said.

A police officer, who was seated on the co-driver seat, died on the spot. The detective said at least four bullets hit him.

“My analysis showed it was a close range shooting that had a specific target and about protecting some passengers inside the vehicle,” he said.

Mr Nguka was testifying in a case in which Issack Ibrein Robow, the man who was behind the wheel when the two Cuban doctors were abducted, is charged with committing a terrorist act.

Mr Robow is also charged with aiding abduction,

Dr Landy Rodriguez (a surgeon) and Dr Herera Correa (a general practitioner) were kidnapped in a daring road ambush by suspected Al-Shabaab militants, who killed one of the police officers escorting them.

The case will be mentioned on November 12.

On Thursday, the court released the vehicle to Mandera County government’s department of health after key witnesses concluded giving their testifying.