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DPP claim massive voter fraud and violence marred the Elections

The Malawi touted and celebrated election appears to have been marred with voter fraud and extreme violence from the MCP party in the central region. As MEC continues to count the votes pictures of the violence against DPP/UDF alliance monitors are coming to light.

The pictures so horrific that they speak for themselves.

Monitor wa DPP/UDF kumwalira ataboledwa ndi nkhwangwa ndi MCP.
Monitor wa DPP/UDF Kugwazidwa nkhope ndi a MCP ku central region.
Monitor wa DPP/UDF kuvutika ndi ululu Kamba ka MCP ku central region.
Monitor wa DPP kugamulidwa mutu ndi anzathu a MCP ku central region.

A DPP monitor that was beaten in Salima died from the injuries sustained

According to observers, The MEC elections results cannot be signed off and announced for two reasons.

Registered voters in the MEC database is 6,859,570 (six comma eight million), but now, all the votes cast, including Null and Void come up to 9,978,430 (nine comma nine million).

It is discovered through the counting process that some centres in Lilongwe have 2,300 voters, but the votes cast including null and void come to 13,000. This is common amongst all the central region centres where there were no ruling party monitors.

The second issue holding up the sign-off of the votes is the issue of fifteen ruling party monitors that have been kidnapped in Central Region. Fifteen monitors who have gone missing in the central region have not yet returned, and they are suspected to be abducted by the MCP. 

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