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Cruising in The Darkness, Who Holds the Light? The Hidden Problems in Abortion

Teenage pregnancies and marriages on the rise in Malawi due to Covid-19 pandemic

Written by Paul India C

Issues surrounding the beginning and the end of life are so complicated and if taken through the sieve of ethics, one is faced with a tough decision to make. As if this is not enough, when one follows the will that goes against tradition, religion and personal belief, the solution becomes part of a permanent problem that may lead to depression, and a complicated life.

The recent recorded teen pregnancies cannot drift through the lens of morality as we all know that not all of the pregnancies recorded will be born. Abortion has been a quick response to a pregnancy that is ill timed, in terms of financial status, relationship status and the cause of the pregnancy, mainly those that are connected to forced sexual acts. In this case, since most of the girls are school aged girls demand for abortion will be high.

The reason is simple, they are to complete their education, and some could simply be because they do not want to be single mothers as the foundation of these relationships has a limited count. Mostly the babies conceived are to be welcomed into dysfunctional families; another problem to be addressed later.

Why am I saying abortion is a kind of cruising into the darkness, rather than a soft solution to the unwanted pregnancies. First of all, let me expound more about pregnancy. Life for human beings starts with conception, by conception we hereby mean that the fusing of the sperm and an egg. In one way or the other abortion is a termination of a life. Whatever arguments one could bring this assertion still stand.

Nothing exists without a beginning and terminating a beginning of something is as well as terminating the thing itself. Terminating life is different from any other activity carried out in our daily lives for this has an impact on the subject. Many people who support and go for abortion are like those cruising into the darkness for very few of them know what is in this activity and its impact on their lives.

When one undergoes an abortion, mostly the emphasis is physical safety less of it is attributed to the emotional and psychological safety. Yet, the most devastating health condition is the one that is psychological. There are a lot of problems that are associated with abortion that are overlooked and at the end they haunt the subject. Let us have a look at few of the problems or traumas associated with abortion.

Re-experiencing: this occurs as the subject experiences distressing dreams, displeasing thoughts, and flash backs about the even. This exposes the subject to problems in their sexual pleasure, and uncomfortable feeling around babies.

Avoidance: this is a situation whereby the subject tries to shun all abortion related thoughts, feelings, conversations, activities and places and people that may be in connection with the carried-out activity. This reduces the peaceful space of the subject and their participation in daily activities is limited as memories bring sour memories.

Physiological arousal: this is in terms of emotions whereby subjects may manifest irritability or anger out bursts and may even have difficult in concentration and sometimes give exaggerated anger-filled responses.

Complicated guilt: this guilt that remains with the subject for a long time since they cannot seek social support in grieving the aborted baby as the action is considered to be voluntary or their will. These eats subject slowly affects their performance in many different negative ways.

As we can see most of the effects of abortion seem to disturb one’s focus, concentration, and comfortability among people. The disturbed aspects of life play an important role in education and hence it leaves the society and guardians with a lot of thoughts in trying to identify abortion as a solution to the unwanted pregnancies.

Carrying or pushing for an abortion without proper reasons and understanding can be a solution that may end up bringing a problem that may change the face of the society if not careful. Most of the institutions offering abortion rarely offer psychological support to the subject, for their most concern is their physical wellbeing as I have already stated. I hope they could extend their cast and make sure that the fundamental part of a human being; where the thoughts and images of the self-start from is also safe and supported for healing.

As we all want the best for the girls impregnated, lets also hope that our solutions do not pile problems that could haunt them for the rest of their beautiful lives.


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