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Conspiracy to kill Malawi president bodyguard foils

Norman Chisale (in blue suit) with his boss President Mutharika

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)—A plot to kill Malawi President’s bodyguard, Norman Chisale, has on Wednesday hit a snag as thugs, alleged to be sent by some Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) officials, were completely overpowered and apprehended by the presidential guard.

The incident comes almost a month after DPP cadets warned Chisale not to visit Blantyre, accusing him of blocking the youths from meeting the president.

Reports reaching Maravi Post indicate that Chisale knocked off from work around 18:00 hours and on his way home he saw three people around Chimwankhunda Living Waters Church, one of which was pushed into the road.

Being a soldier himself, Chisale sensed danger and immediately stopped his vehicle to wrestle with the people. They were overpowered and one was apprehended while the two ran away but they were also later captured.

Chisale has faced intense criticism from the other DPP supporters who claim that he restricts access to the President.

Recently, a bandwagon of DPP cadets led by Blantyre based notorious Mike Chitenje, popularly known as Bangwe 1, demanded removal of Chisale out of the royal palace.

According to a video that went viral on the social media, Chitenje and his fellow DPP cadets were seen holding a meeting whose sole agendum was demanding Chisale’s immediate surrender of duties as Mutharika’s bodyguard.

“If the boss (President Mutharika) loves Chisale, he should always leave him in Lilongwe whenever he is visiting Blantyre. Nobody, among us, wants to see Chisale anywhere near the royal family. In fact, we are not alone in this war, our counterparts in Mangochi, Liwonde and Zomba are also part of us,” Chitenje was heard saying in the video.

Sharing similar sentiments were the members of the meeting who said they suffered a lot of ridicule and physical battles when they fought for DPP’s victory but its fruits are being enjoyed by one person.

The members described Chisale as a greedy person who did not pick their calls or answer any of their correspondence, simply because he wanted to enjoy the royal fortunes alone, yet his fellow party loyalists were out there languishing in poverty.

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