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Congratulations, Mr President Chakwera for new Malawi but…..

It is now official that Dr Lazarus McCarthy Chakwera and Dr Saulos Claus Chilima are the President and the Vice President of Malawi, respectively.

As a matter of formalities, let me congratulate them both on their ascendancy to the new exciting challenge of life.

It was no easy job to find themselves to such positions considering the political and legal battles they fought to be where they now are for the sake of the nation. It was indeed a battle between David and Goliath!

Well, joy comes in the morning and so, Malawi is in a joyous mood now that a very promising political leadership has been ushered into power. If truth be told, Malawians have so much hope and so many expectations from the new presidency, considering how horrendous the former leadership was.

Truthfully speaking, the past decade has just been a loss. Malawi has lost a lot of opportunities which should have turned her into a socioeconomic and political glory but that was never the case because of weak and selfish political leaders who just chanced on leadership yet they literally had no any roadmap for the country’s development.

In the past six years, Malawi has experienced the worst political leadership ever.

Social vices such as corruption, fraud, nepotism, tribalism, abuse of power and murder of innocent people were unprecedentedly order of the day. This was so because the immediately past leader was the weakest one from the word go.

If truth be told, the former president was a total political farce. As a matter of history, before he ascended to the office of president in 2014, he held various ministerial positions such as Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Minister of Education, Science and Technology and also Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs.

But during those tenures, the British high commissioner to Malawi, Cocraine Dyte was declared persona non grata and was deported by Dr Bingu Wa Mutharika on no convincing account; and there was the academic freedom saga at the University of Malawi’s Chancellor College.

These major political woes occurred under his nose as a minister responsible but he literally did nothing to resolve the crisis apart from chartering a plane to the US where he used to bury his head in the sand like an ostrich and expected the conflicts to resolve themselves.

Those and many other pointers are a clear evidence that he just landed on political leadership thanks to his brother Bingu, but he literally had no any clues what a political leadership was about. No wonder he took the nation towards no any direction.

But now, that is water under the bridge. His leadership deficiency has vindicated him. The onus now rests on the shoulders of Dr Chakwera and his Vice in this virtual power sharing government to translate the Hi Five leadership model.

Mr President, it is very evident that ahead of you lie very daunting challenges. Mother Malawi is currently reeling and she needs you to fix her. Everything is in a mess and this is the time to pull up the sleeves and mop such mess from the face of the nation.

What is very obvious is that as you start your job, everyone wishes to be your adviser; forgetting that you too have a functioning brain. Those political allies who flanked you on your way to presidency are each looking forward to their own fortunes and favours. Those who called themselves Friend of Chakwera, from all corners of the country, will also be on your doorstep with their dishes begging for self justified opportunities.

If you begin to recognise and honour that, chances of failing in your job will automatically starting to loom. This is no time for political thanksgivings or appeasements. It is time to fix the nation, kabisa! Just do your job, Mr President!

We well know that you moved from pastorship to front line politics because, according to you, God wanted you to save his people in a different way; which is the presidency, now save Malawians without any favour or prejudice. As the present Moses, deliver Malawians from the shackles of corruption, poverty, hunger, diseases, envy an illiteracy! Reinstate the four former MCP cornerstone: unity discipline, obedience and honesty among Malawians. Instill the sense of hard work among your people.

What is typical of African politicians is the strange ability to turn themselves into chameleons once they are empowered. They enter leaderships in one colour, they exit the same in another colour. You are human just like any of your predecessors. It will be very honourable of you to save then serve the nation in a unique style without being associated with any of such stinking leadership styles!

Once again, congratulations are in order on your new job, Mr President and your right-hand man!

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