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Charles Brumskine is Wrong to Embrace Lahai Lasanah  (From our Archives)

From Our Archives

Saturday, November 25, 2008

By Tewroh-Wehtoe Sungbeh             

I must confess I am one of those people who applauded the Liberian Legislature months ago when that body garnered the courage to suspend one of its own in the person of Isaac Nyenabo, then-President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate.

Mr. Nyenabo was ‘punished’ by his colleagues for constantly siding with President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, when the body did not agree with the president on key national issues.

It is one of the few times in the history of the Liberian nation that a president or leader of the Senate has ever been challenged or suspended for his close political ties to a sitting president.

That is because the Liberian presidency is so powerful that members of the Legislative branch or any branch of government better be careful how they deal with the president, else, somebody will either go to prison or lose that much-needed job he or she cannot afford to lose.

In a time of uncertainty and confusion in Liberia, the last thing a person wants to be known for is to disagree with a sitting president who is seen as doing her best to bring stability to a dying nation; to improve the lives of her people after a crippling civil war that almost took Liberia off the map.

However, when a president is wrong about corruption, is seen as loyal and protective of corrupt officials in her administration at a time when the average Liberian citizen cannot afford to purchase a bag or cup of rice to eat or support a family, when national issues of the day are being ignored while the leader of the Senate is seen as protecting the president and trying to turn the clock back to the painful and undemocratic dark days when Liberian presidents ruled by iron-clad, then it is right for those on the other side of the aisle to oppose the president on those issues.

Also, when a leader of the legislative body is believed to constantly side with the president amid opposition from his colleagues on important issues, a feeling of anger and frustration sets in for members who took the drastic step of removing Nyenabo from his leadership position; especially when his colleagues think Isaac Nyenabo’s behavior was motivated by greed and the financial payoffs he allegedly received from the president.

Isaac Nyenabo was suspended August 2008 for six months from his Senate Pro Temporo duties as a way of sending a clear message to others that being an heretic in this modern day Liberian congress is unacceptable, and individuals who are seen as violating the rules and the trust of their colleagues will be punished for betraying those guiding principles, which is a way of instilling discipline in a fragile coalition comprised of opposition political parties and individuals with selfish interests and divided loyalties.

According to news reports from Liberia, Lahai Lasanah then-member of the National Democratic Party of Liberia (NDPL) was elected interim President Pro-Temporo of the Liberian Senate by his colleagues to replace the embattled Isaac Nyenabo of the same political party.

Nyenabo refused to swallow this national humiliation and took his case to the Supreme Court – the highest court of the land, which rendered a resounding victory in his favor by clearing the way for his immediate reinstatement to his former position as President Pro-Temporo of the Liberian Senate.

Lahai Lasanah who wants to be a national leader refused to even honor the ruling of the highest court of the land, but allowed his twisted ego and selfish interest to get the best of him as he hid behind such nonsense excuse that the “Senate was already on Agriculture break” as his reason for refusing to abide by the unanimous ruling of the Supreme Court.

This tells me that Lahai Lasanah is not ready to even work as a dog handler. Period!

Because being a leader requires making and accepting tough decisions that affects not only you, but people. Being a national leader also requires abiding by and respecting national decisions that could potentially affect national security.

So, for Lahai Lasanah to jump ship to Charles Brumskine’s Liberty Party because his former party, the National Democratic Party of Liberia (NDPL) did not support his quest to hijack the democratic political process is one of the cheapest reasons I have ever heard for switching to another political party.

“I have resigned today from the NDPL so that I can continue fighting my battle alone given that the party that I have trusted and cherished so much has unbelievably continued to fight against me at the highest court in the land – the Supreme Court,” Lasanah said.

Which battle is this idiot fighting?

How can he be so silly and completely out of touch with reality to reach such illogical conclusion?

The Supreme Court of Liberia already fought a unanimous battle against you, Mr. Lasanah in favor of Mr. Nyenabo, which paved the way for Nyenabo to resume his official duties as President Pro-Temporo of the Senate. And the best way to save face, Lahai Lasanah is to drop your contention for the position and let justice prevail.

With those silly comments coming out of the mouth of Lahai Lasanah, one would think opposition leader, Charles Brumskine of the Liberty Party, being a lawyer, would have acted quickly to either distance himself from Mr. Lasanah or urge his new friend to honor the ruling of the court before his membership in the Liberty Party can be accepted.

Instead, Charles Brumskine and his Liberty Party swallowed the bait and accepted the membership of a man who refuses to abide by the ruling of the highest court of the land.

Brumskine’s reaction defines his judgment and decision-making skills.

“The presence of Senator Lassana to the Liberty Party signals a positive step for the new day for democracy in Liberia,” quipped Chairman Israel Akinsaya. Also, “as Acting President Pro-Temporo of the Liberian senate, Senator Lassana will be bringing to the Liberty Party worth of experience and strategies in the workings of the party,” Mr. Akinsaya said.

Charles Brumskine, who did not want to be outshined by the remarks of his party’s chairman said; his party is “honored to welcome a senior Liberian senator into its fold.”
Mr. Brumskine, as a party leader and future presidential candidate, are you honored to welcome into your party one like Lahai Lasanah, a rule breaker who will not abide the ruling of the Supreme Court of Liberia, which could potentially set up a power struggle and a disastrous national crisis?

Are you setting a good example, Mr. Brumskine? That anybody can disrespect a ruling of the Supreme Court of Liberia when a decision does not favor the individual?

This is the wrong way, Mr. Brumskine, which most definitely will haunt you as Liberians will now begin to question your judgment and decision-making skills in your quest for the presidency in 2011.

Lahai Lasanah failed the Liberian people by flaunting the decision of the Supreme Court of Liberia.

Liberty Party leader and future presidential candidate Charles Brumskine, failed the Liberian people that he wants to lead when he did not act wisely like the legal scholar and statesman he is to stop the insanity.

Lahai Lasanah put his personal interest over the nation’s interest.

Charles Brumskine also put his political interests over the nation’s interest. Both men are national leaders?

I really want to know.

Editor’s Note:

Mr. Charles Brumskine is the 2017 presidential candidate of the Liberty Party.

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