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Bright Malopa takes a jab at DPP’s Ben Phiri: “He is the architect of siwathu label”

Bright Malopa (L): Ben Phiri is the architect of siwathu label

BLANTYRE-(MaraviPost)–Former Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) director general, Bright Malopa, who was one of the outgoing governing Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) strategists before Peter Mutharika assumed the office of the president in 2014, has accused Ben Phiri of bringing nepotism in DPP, which has eventually led to the downfall of the party.

Malopa, who has already congratulated the president elect Lazarus Chakwera on his victory in the fresh presidential election, says DPP’s downfall has not come as a surprise as the party started digging its own grave long ago.

“Dpp decided to wear itself down to the state they are in. They really shouldn’t have started street fights with SKC (Saulos Klaus Chilima) when it was 100% clear that SKC was the winning formula. I saw this in 2015 and I did not hope for anything better after engaging some of the architects of the APM SKC infightings and realized they were determined to get rid of him.

“SKC was not plucked from the street as most of them were meant to believe. He was way higher up in the Bingu Machinery and this was the Machinery that controls systems,” wrote Malopa on his facebook page.

He further blames the party officials from the Lhomwe belt for entrenching nepotism tendencies in the party by discriminating and blocking other equally important figures from contributing ideas to the party’s daily operations.

“The Siwathu (not one of us) syndrome and an insatiable appetite to fight every one with a contrary view point forgetting that democracy offers a market place of ideas emboldened this self belief and they have paid a social Price .They are history, they are frightened with the prospect of accountability and we know they messed up but that’s their business. Let’s not waste more time with more blames. Nyekhwe or no Nyekhwe, let the rule of law be the guide to each one of us,” he wrote.

He, however, was quick to say that there are many good people of Lhomwe tribe who are highly ethical and professional.

“There are good people of Lhomwe tribe who are highly ethical and very professional. Then there are bad people like any society. It must be mentioned here that all the praise being attributed to the Malawi armed forces during this election has occurred under a professional Army Commander who rose to the occasion to defend the constitution order.

“He did not mind that any change in leadership could signal the end of his career. What was important to him was the flag he vowed to defend and the constitution that protects it. These traits are shared by many other people of Lhomwe tribe. And then ofcourse there is Ben Phiri the architect of “Siwathu label.” The man whose deeds literally plotted the downfall of APM. That story requires a thesis on its own from Cypress university of Akolose,” he added.

Malopa has further cautioned the president elect Lazarus Chakwera and MCP gurus  that the task ahead is huge since they come at a time the country faces the negative impact of coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic that has led to under-collection of revenue by the Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA), uncertainty and global recession.

“The regime is has also come at a moment of grave crisis during which violent and fanatical men made attempts to destroy the unity and the freedom of lives of men and women, the independence of men of the bench and governance institutions .

“Our assumptions of a democratic Malawi may have been naive as has now been demonstrated to us by few misguided persons just how fragile a democratic society can be if democracy is not prepared to defend itself,” he says.

“When we compare ourselves to those who lost properties in the ensuing commotions on all sides and consider that we now have orphaned children in Lilongwe following the death of their parents by deeds of fire, we must prepare to face those children and ask ourselves, how did we come to this how did concepts such as love, friendship, compassion, humility or forgiveness lost their depth and dimensions?” he adds.

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